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Oxford Poets 2013

An Anthology

André Naffis-Sahely and Karen McCarthy Woolf

Edited by Iain Galbraith and Robyn Marsack

Oxford Poets Anthology 2013
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Categories: 21st Century, Anthologies
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • This anthology brings together the work of nineteen poets from a dozen different countries, with translations from at least seven languages, to provide a rich mix of contemporary voices. Here you can move from the Australian desert to an English coal mine, from the interior world of Grace Darling to the mythic world of the Ramayana, from earthquakes in New Zealand to gardens in France. A common thread is migration, in many senses; another is the beguilements and betrayals of memory. The poets’ own reflections on their writing provide insight into the cultural and personal contexts of work that expands the vocabulary of poetry in English.

    The Oxford Poets Anthology 2013 includes:
    Gregor Addison
    David Attwooll
    Emily Ballou
    Paul Batchelor
    Christy Ducker
    Lynn Jenner
    Riina Katajavuori
    David Krump
    Frances Leviston
    Peter Mackay
    Ádám Nádasdy
    André Naffis-Sahely
    Vivek Narayanan
    Leonie Rushforth
    Kerrin P. Sharpe
    Ian Stephen
    Toh Hsien Min
    Jan Wagner
    Karen McCarthy Woolf


    Gregor Addison
    Denny’s Shipyard, Dumbarton, 1959 
    United Turkey Red 
    Bespoke (Loch Sloy Hydro Dam, 1948) 
    Stamford Hill 
    Pte 1091 Allison, aged 19 
    Past tense 
    Clydeside, March 2011 

    David Attwooll
    March for the Alternative 
    Message from an agnostic angel 
    Wiggy in Cornwall 
    Banner for Bid 
    Hyperlinks in Mesopotamia, Oxford 
    Morning in Chapultepec 
    The sound ladder 
    Flags in East Dulwich 
    Milvus Milvus 

    Emily Ballou
    The Importance of Tea 
    Twenty-three pictures of the desert 
    I, Lizard, performance artist 

    Paul Batchelor
    Brother Coal 
    Pit Ponies 
    from The Orchards (after Rilke)

    Christy Ducker
    from Grace Darling’s ABC 
    from Grace Darling’s Journal 

    Lynn Jenner
    The Russian Point of View 
    I have a feeling with no name 
    For Maisie Brown 
    The hot early universe 
    Ten rules to guide me in my research 
    Six New Zealand Jews Share Their Impressions of Oświęcim 
    I’m not sure what to call what I have done 
    ‘In the voice of Paul Celan’ 

    Riina Katajavuori
    ‘I eat a pepper that’s not’ 
    Fathers and sons 
    ‘morning tree’ 
    Crow Grabs Poet’s Scalp 
    In the forest, Hansel tells Gretel about owls 
    Self-portrait 18.3.2009, 1.20 p.m. 
    ‘From the windowed veranda’ 
    ‘A boy reaches the monster island’ 
    ‘I listened to the soundscape’ 
    ‘The bewilderment that to other people’ 

    David Krump
    Notes from a Journey 
    An Ample Tree 
    Failed Sidekick’s Dilemma 
    Prometheus at the Checkpoint 
    Love Song for Rural Idiots 
    Ophelia Soft 
    Poem Written in Realtime 
    One Crow 
    A Stream 
    Old Geometry 

    Frances Leviston
    Bishop in Louisiana 
    Woodland Burial 

    Peter Mackay
    The Log Roller 
    Logorrhoea (Logorrhoea) 
    Na Dorsan (The Doors) 
    Bàta Taigh Bàta (Boat House Boat) 
    Ball-sampaill (Specimen) 
    An Tobar (The Well)

    Ádám Nádasdy
    Family Photo Album 
    Angel in the Next Underground Coach 
    On the Big Dipper 
    Take Down his Particulars 
    Better Staying Put 
    Silent Interval 
    Swaying Chandelier 
    One of My Paintings 
    Some Sort of Mirror at the End of the Room 
    Adam and Eve
    Just Go! 

    André Naffis-Sahely
    Blood and Proverbs 
    N16 8EA 
    Family Business 
    Professional Vagabonds 
    An Island of Strangers 
    The Journalist Speaks of the Dictator 
    The Return 
    Forward March 
    Exile, Italian Style

    Vivek Narayanan
    Rama’s Servants 
    What the People Said 
    The Jewelled Deer 

    Leonie Rushforth
    How to Get There 
    On the Ource 
    Janus Fleuri at the Freud Museum 
    Mist Lifting on Mount Caburn 
    Gorky Park 
    Song for Carmen 
    You With Work To Do (after Pushkin

    Kerrin P. Sharpe
    a possible journey 
    sewing the world 
    six lies for an orthopaedic surgeon 
    The Alchemy of Snow 
    three days in a wishing well 
    world without maps 
    because my father 
    In the cart 
    the rice planters 1953 
    the whistler 
    their faces turn pages 
    there are few sightings 

    Ian Stephen
    In Breton 
    In Brest 
    Che Perig et Anna 
    Conversation on Ouessant 
    Blue Woman, Brittany 
    Crossing the Minch 
    A way of putting things aside 
    Sailmaker’s whipping 
    Cape Farewell – Scottish islands voyage 

    Toh Hsien Min
    At night’s border with the next day 

    Jan Wagner
    december 1914 
    tea bag 
    from ‘eighteen pastries’ 
    the west 
    the man from the sea 
    blues in august 

    Karen McCarthy Woolf
    Thirteen Names for the Moon
    André Naffis-Sahely
    André Naffis-Sahely’s debut collection of poetry, The Promised Land, will be published by Penguin in 2017. He has translated works by Honoré de Balzac, Émile Zola, Alessandro Spina, Rashid Boudjedra, Tahar Ben Jelloun, and Abdellatif Laâbi, among various others. ... read more
    Karen McCarthy Woolf
    Karen McCarthy Woolf was born in London to an English mother and a Jamaican father. She is the recipient of the Kate Betts Memorial Prize and an Arts and Humanities Research Council scholarship from Royal Holloway, where she is a PhD candidate. Described in The Poetry Review as ‘extraordinarily moving and ... read more
    Iain Galbraith
    Iain Galbraith, born in Glasgow in 1956, grew up in the west of Scotland and studied Modern Languages and Comparative Literature at the universities of Cambridge, Freiburg and Mainz. His poems have appeared in many journals and anthologies, including New Writing Scotland, Poetry Review, The Times Literary Supplement ... read more
    Robyn Marsack
    Robyn Marsack began her long association with Carcanet Press by editing the first edition of Edmund Blunden’s Selected Poems in 1982, and worked as a publishers’ editor until she became Director of the Scottish Poetry Library 2000–2016. She was a Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at the University of Glasgow 2016–2018. ... read more
    Awards won by Karen McCarthy Woolf Winner, 2020  The Laurel Prize for Ecopoetry, Second Place (Seasonal Disturbances ) Commended, 2017 Poetry Book Society Recommendation. (Seasonal Disturbances ) Short-listed, 2015 Fenton Aldeburgh First Collection Prize
    (An Aviary of Small Birds)
    Short-listed, 2015 Felix Dennis Prize for Best First Collection
    (An Aviary of Small Birds)
    Praise for Karen McCarthy Woolf   'This is a book which goes beyond invention to intervention, offering hybrid forms through which to apprehend the world. Consider its 'couplings', which lineate and striate 'pre-existing prose' with response lines to 'create a new lyric narrative' (as the notes elucidate). This is true to how our minds reverberate with information, with the assimilated otherness of alien texts. It does not rest at passive record or academic critique of such an internal state. It makes music, love, and rapture'
    Vahni Capildeo in The Compass Magazine
     'Witty, provocative and lyrically accomplished.'
    Poetry London
      'For all its internationalism, McCarthy Woolf'€s poetry engages with the local and the personal. Reading Seasonal Disturbances is like picking up a London A-Z and finding it'€s a new map of the world.'
    Karen's poem 'Outside' from Seasonal Disturbances was Guardian Poem of the Week, 25th December 2017
     'Seasonal Disturbances is an unclassifiable book, revolutionary in its engagement with form, stunning in its intersectional politics, and an extraordinary achievement that should give the selectors of major poetry prize lists cold sweats for neglecting it. It will break you, in a good way. Truth hurts.'
    The Poetry School Books of the Year 2017
     'A fine antidote to Brexit delusions and certainties: London-watching and form-reshaping, unpredictable and casually intense.'
    Carol Rumens, Best Poetry Books of 2017, The Guardian
     'A masterclass in structure.'
    Magma Poetry
     'Seasonal Disturbances might be strange, but it'€™s also a brilliant selection of poems [...] It'€™s a collection that teaches you something about human beings as well as yourself.'
    The Poetry School
      'Formally ambitious...big-idea poems made up of bite-size insights and ironies that establish political anger and ecological anxiety.'
    The Sunday Times
    'I loved Karen McCarthy Woolf's technically perfect poems of winged heartbreak'
    Maggie Gee, The Observer - The New Review, 29.11.2015. 
    '[McCarthy Woolf has] a powerful command of form and rhythm.'
    Alan Brownjohn, Poetry Review
    Praise for Robyn Marsack 'Readers will be drawn to this book for the poets' letters, but what really dominates is the personality of Schmidt; at the end we are left with a prevailing sense of his editorial vision and an appreciation of his influence and accomplishment in the world of contemporary poetry publishing and criticism... Fifty Fifty is full of energy and play, and not a few crossed swords.'

    Kevin Gardner, Wild Court

     'A window into the award-winning world of Carcanet'
    Tristram Fane Saunders, The Telegraph
    'In celebration of the Manchester-based press' 50th anniversary, a fascinating collection of letters... tracing the eventful history of this small, ambitious and excellent press.'
    The Bookseller
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