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How to Address the Fog: XXV Finnish Poems 1978-2002

Edited by Anni Sumari

Cover Picture of How to Address the Fog: XXV  Finnish Poems 1978-2002
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ISBN: 978 1 857548 16 7
Series: European Originals
Categories: Finnish, Translation
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Published: March 2005
195 x 126 x 6 mm
108 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • Description
  • Editor
  • 'Finnish poetry is characterized by a powerful contact with nature. There is so much about Finland's long winters, snow and darkness in the established poetic canon that when I came to compile this anthology I had to make a thematic choice: not too many poems of that kind. But you will certainly notice, dear reader, the abundance and energy of the seasons, the animals, the forests and lakes in these poems...'
    from the Introduction, translated by David McDuff

    Sumari's selection includes work by legendary Finnish modernists such as Paavo Haavikko (published by Carcanet) and Lassi Nummi; several prose poems, the prevalence of which in recent Finnish literature she discusses in her Introduction; and aphoristic poems. Twenty two of the poems included were written in Finnish, three in Finland-Swedish.

    Poets: Gösta Ågren, Kari Aronpuro, Bo Carpelan, Tua Forsström, Paavo Haavikko, Anne Hänninen, Hannu Helin, Markku Into, Eeva Kilpi, Eila Kivikk'aho, Juhani Koskinen, Jarkko Laine, Rakel Liehu, Arto Melleri, Lassi Nummi, Lauri Otonkoski, Markku Paasonen, Mirkka Rekola, Pentti Saarikoski, Helena Sinervo, Eira Stenberg, Anni Sumari, Arja Tiainen, Sirkka Turkka.

    Translators: David McDuff, Donald Adamson and Robin Fulton.

    Finnish Original is part of a series of bilingual poetry anthologies featuring twenty-five poems, one for each year from 1978-2002, from a particular European country. Poems are presented both in the original language and in new translations specially commissioned from Scottish poets. The book includes biographical and bibliographical information on the poets and translators.

    ANNI SUMARI has published nine books of short stories and poetry, as well as a travelogue about a writers' train that toured Europe in 2000 ( Junanäytelmä, Train Play, 2001). In 1998 she was awarded Yleisradio's (the equivalent of the BBC) Tanssiva Karhu (Dancing Bear) Prize for the collection Mitta ... read more
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