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The Long Weekend and The Reader over Your Shoulder

Robert Graves and Alan Hodge

The Long Weekend and The Reader Over Your Shoulder by Robert Graves
Categories: 20th Century
Imprint: Lives and Letters
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Available as:
Hardback (848 pages)
(Pub. Dec 2006)
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    The Long Weekend: A Social History of Great Britain 1918-1939
    The Reader Over Your Shoulder: A Handbook for Writers of English Prose

    With an introduction by Jane Aiken Hodge

    From the perspective of the early 1940s, Robert Graves and his co-author of The Long Weekend, the journalist and historian Alan Hodge surveyed the darkening interwar years from 1918 to 1939 with wit, insight and a passionate curiosity about the idiosyncrasies that make up the spirit of an age. Nothing escaped their eye for the telling detail: the price of milk and suburban house names; hairstyles and left-wing theatre, dance crazes, the popularity of boxing, the spread of Woolworth's stores... Personalities of the time are deftly captured, the course of politics and international affairs lucidly traced towards the crises of the late 1930s. In a ground-breaking work of social history as colourful and engaging as a novel, Graves and Hodge never lose sight of the larger significance of the changes they record in a world moving towards the outbreak of war.

    The Reader Over Your Shoulder, a critical history of and handbook to style in English prose, develops the authors' social analysis in its focus on language. In its emphasis on the importance of clarity and accuracy in communication, it remains an invaluable guide for writers and readers.

    Introduction ix

    The Long Weekend: A Social History of Great Britain 1918•1939
    Authors’ Note 2
    1 Armistice, 1918 3
    2 Revolution Averted, 1919 9
    3 Women 23
    4 Reading Matter 34
    5 Post-War Politics 45
    6 Various Conquests 59
    7 Sex 73
    8 Amusements 84
    9 Screen and Stage 100
    10 Revolution Again Averted, 1926 114
    11 Domestic Life 131
    12 Art, Literature, and Religion 147
    13 Education and Ethics 162
    14 Sport and Controversy 175
    15 The Depression, 1930 192
    16 Pacificism, Nudism, Hiking 207
    17 The Days of the Loch Ness Monster 220
    18 Recovery, 1935 239
    19 The Days of Non-Intervention 253
    20 ‘The Deepening Twilight of Barbarism’ 265
    21 Three Kings in One Year 280
    22 Keeping Fit and Doing the Lambeth Walk 296
    22 Social Consciences 308
    24 ‘Markets Close Firmer’ 320
    25 Still at Peace 331
    26 Rain Stops Play, 1939 344

    The Reader Over Your Shoulder: A Handbook for Writers of English Prose
    Part I: The Reader Over Your Shoulder
    1 The Peculiar Qualities of English 361
    2 The Present Confusion of English Prose 373
    3 Where is Good English to be Found? 384
    4 The Use and Abuse of Official English 396
    5 The Beginnings of English Prose 411
    6 The Ornate and Plain Styles 427
    7 Classical Prose 438
    8 Romantic Prose 452
    9 Recent Prose 465
    10 The Principles of Clear Statement•I 480
    11 The Principles of Clear Statement•II 497
    12 The Principles of Clear Statement•III 514
    13 The Graces of Prose 537

    Part II: Examinations and Fair Copies
    Explanation 561
    Sir Norman Angell 566
    Irving Babbitt 572
    Earl Baldwin of Bewdley 578
    Clive Bell 583
    Viscount Castlerosse (now the Earl of Kenmare) 586
    Bishop of Chichester 590
    G.D.H. Cole 597
    Marquess of Crewe 603
    Dr. Hugh Dalton, M.P. 608
    Daphne du Maurier 612
    Sir Arthur Eddington 614
    T.S. Eliot 623
    Lord Esher 629
    Admiral C.J. Eyres 634
    Negley Farson 637
    Major-General J.F.C. Fuller 644
    Major-General Sir Charles Gwynn 648
    Viscount Halifax 654
    Cicely Hamilton 659
    ‘Ian Hay’ 662
    Ernest Hemingway 670
    Aldous Huxley 672
    Dr. Julian Huxley 677
    Paul Irwin 682
    Sir James Jeans 689
    Professor C.E.M. Joad 693
    Senator Hiram Johnson 696
    Professor J.M. Keynes (now Lord Keynes) 702
    Commander Stephen King-Hall 711
    Dr. F.R. Leavis 715
    Cecil Day Lewis 721
    Desmond MacCarthy 728
    Brigadier-General J.H. Morgan, K.C. 730
    J. Middleton Murry 734
    Sir Cyril Norwood 738
    ‘Observator’ 743
    An Editor of the Oxford English Dictionary 745
    Eric Partridge 752
    ‘Peterborough’ 757
    Ezra Pound 762
    J.B. Priestley 767
    D.N. Pritt, K.C., M.P. 771
    Herbert Read 775
    I.A. Richards 777
    Bertrand Russell 785
    Viscount Samuel 790
    George Bernard Shaw 794
    Stephen Spender 799
    J.W.N. Sullivan 804
    Helen Waddell 807
    Sir Hugh Walpole 813
    H.G. Wells 818
    Professor A.N. Whitehead 822
    Sir Leonard Woolley 828

    Index to The Long Weekend 831
    Robert Graves
    Robert Graves (1895-1985), poet, classical scholar, novelist, and critic, was one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century. Athough he produced over 100 books he is perhaps best known for the novel I, Claudius (1934), The White Goddess (1948) and Greek Myths (1955). Robert Graves was born in Wimbledon, South ... read more
    Alan Hodge
    Alan Hodge was born in 1915 and was educated at Oxford University. He and his wife Beryl then went to work with Robert Graves in Majorca, a collaboration that produced three books, Work in Hand (poems, with Norman Cameron), The Long Week-end and The Reader Over Your Shoulder . In 1939 ... read more
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