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Essays From Epilogue 1935-1937

Laura Riding and Robert Graves

Edited by Mark Jacobs

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ISBN: 978 1 857545 18 0
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Published: August 2001
216 x 135 x 16 mm
420 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • The Epilogue essays, published when the literary partnership of Laura Riding and Robert Graves was at its height, illustrate their working relationship and the back-ground to their later very different careers.

    Conceived in the mid-1930s by Laura Riding, Epilogue: A Critical Summary was originally to be called The Critical Vulgate, a title suggesting that the thematic concerns of the project would go well beyond the merely literary, attempting to discover, in a secular spirit reminiscent of Voltaire's, the truth regarding all sorts of subjects, from God down. In 1935 'The Idea of God' led off the extraordinary experiment of Epilogue. The effort was to be encyclopaedic, and in this respect the project foreshadows Riding's later life-work, the massive Rational Meaning which she and her husband Schuyler B. Jackson undertook.

    The original four volumes, published by Seizin Press (Majorca) and Constable jointly, are now extremely scarce. Quite apart from their considerable intrinsic interest, they offer rich source material for the two authors. Laura (Riding) Jackson never reprinted any of her Epilogue work, while Robert Graves republished some of his, in revised form. This selection alerts general readers to a rigorous, impassioned and remarkably alive creative and critical moment.
    Laura Riding
    Laura (Riding) Jackson (1901-1991) is among the most influential yet misread writers of the twentieth century. She renounced poetry after her Collected Poems in 1938, a body of work which left its mark upon Auden, Ashbery and many others. Her collaborations and her own essays, stories and poems are central to ... read more
    Robert Graves
    Robert Graves (1895-1985), poet, classical scholar, novelist, and critic, was one of the greatest writers of the 20th Century. Athough he produced over 100 books he is perhaps best known for the novel I, Claudius (1934), The White Goddess (1948) and Greek Myths (1955). Robert Graves was born in Wimbledon, South ... read more
    Mark Jacobs
    Born in 1941, Mark Jacobs attended the Universities of York and Leicester. He wrote his doctoral thesis on Laura (Riding) Jackson and corresponded with her from 1971 to her death. He published three works on Riding's poetry and served as joint editor of Omens. ... read more
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