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Entries on Light

Mimi Khalvati

Cover Picture of Entries on Light
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ISBN: 978 1 857543 29 2
Categories: Women
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Published: November 1997
215 x 135 x 8 mm
80 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • One is the glory of the yet-to-be, one
    of a past that reminds us
    how we've seen it in our own lives exactly
    as it used to be but were
    blinded by those lives, distracted from our own

    Holderlin, `To Zimmer'

    Entries on Light, Mimi Khalvati's third book, is a single poem, a series of meditations on light, on what light is and does, how --as it changes -- it invents and reinvents the things we see, are and were, how it inscribes our shadows and our feelings. The sea- and sky-scapes of these poems are vivid: dawn, storm, dusk, the pewtery or the bright mid-day. Each demands a different syntax, a distinctive rhythm and rhyme. Mimi Khalvati has always had a well-trained eye; she is also formally among the most resourceful poets writing today, able to close her lyrical moments with resonance and, when necessary, to leave a stanza open to the changes of the weather. If at times we think of Constable in the billowing movement of her fuller stanzas, we also -- in short-phrased sections -- are put in mind of the flat skies of Hokusai. She is a poet in whose vision east and west join.

    It would be wrong to suggest that this poem is merely painterly or imagistic. Through images of light it engages the whole woman and implicates her world, in which children have grown up and gone away, and the business of living and repose needs to be reinvented, now ruefully, now joyfully, for the new life ahead.
    Born in Tehran in 1944, Mimi Khalvati grew up on the Isle of Wight and attended the Drama Centre, London. She then worked as a theatre director in Tehran, translating from English into Farsi and devising new plays, as well as co-founding the Theatre in Exile group. She now lives in ... read more
    Praise for Mimi Khalvati This brilliant poet's crab-apple tree imparts the same kind of gorgeous and devastating self-knowledge granted Eve by the biblical Tree of Life.
    Rafel Campo, Boston Review
    This open and generous readiness to engage with all realities and see their worth gives Khalvati her power... graceful accomplishment is always in the service of a fundamental seriousness.
    Bernard O'Donoghue, Poetry London
    A lovely book, so accomplished, various, comprehensive and abundant. The poems are quick and touching, joyfully and sorrowfully open to the phenomena of the real world, they say what it feels like being human, the good and the ill of it, with passion, tact and lightness.
    David Constantine
    Khalvati's writing draws on diverse worlds and poetic traditions, and enriches the dominant culture of British poetry...Intricate, sensuous and vulnerable...Mimi Khalvati's work will endure.
    Moniza Alvi, Poetry Wales
     Mimi Khalvati is one of the most poignant and graceful poets writing in England currently. The Meanest Flower speaks often of grief and loss but also of great pleasure in the world, in gardens, in loves, in other people. Under the lyricism there is an iron control that achieves its grace through subtlety. There reader is aware one is in the presence of a mind, a heart and an ear that has been schooled in depth, that finds it as naturally as do the flowers of the title.
    George Szirtes
    Khalvati writes exquisitely nuanced lyrics of love and loss, which draw on childhood, motherhood and the natural world. These [The Meanest Flower] are tender poems in the English Romantic tradition.
    No. 3 in 'The Ten Best New poetry collections' - Independent, 2007
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