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Evan Jones

Paralogues by Evan Jones
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ISBN: 978 1 847771 37 7
Categories: 21st Century, British, Canadian
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Published: June 2012
216 x 135 x 8 mm
64 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Also available in: eBook (EPUB), eBook (Kindle)
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  • Some men have grief in place of dreams.
    How cold and sad an end those men will come to:
    white caps over the blue, no linden trees
    or red acorns under which to find shade,
    and not one god to pray for mercy to...

    from 'Three Actaeons'
    Paralogues, which takes its title from the Greek word for ‘ballads’, is the British début of an original Canadian poet and editor. Evan Jones  explores Greek mythology, Roman and Byzantine history, art and travel, from contemporary perspectives. The myth of Actaeon is re-imagined in three ways, and Paralogues concludes with a sequence retelling the Byzantine folk ballad ‘Constantine and Arete’.

    Translation is central to the collection, from the modern Greek of Miltos Sachtouris to the Austrian German of Raoul Schrott. Readers encounter people and places real and imagined: the lonely figure of the poet Cavafy in Victorian Liverpool, God in post-war Paris, the landscapes of Europe and North America at once familiar and unfamiliar.
    Self-portrait with Argus the Hundred-Eyed
    Little Notes on Painting    
    Portrait (Artist’s Model, Sleeping Nude)    
    Mr. Eugenides, the Smyrna Merchant     
    Letter to Sofia    
    Cavafy in Liverpool    
    The Intercity Express Passes Günzburg    
    Sheep or Llama    
    Burgau to Ulm, Bundesland Bavaria    
    Bundesland Bavaria, between Deffingen and Denzingen    
    God in Paris, 1945    
    The Devoted Widow    
    Justinian’s Advisors Recall Him Prophesying    
    Three Actaeons    
    How I Became one of my Poems    
    I Went Down to the Sea    
    Prayer to Saint Agatha    
    For One Whose Name God Knows    
    Lines Attributed to Michael Psellus Concerning the Deaths of Twelve Apostles    
    Constantine and Arete: an autobiography
    Evan Jones was born in Toronto. A dual citizen of Canada and Greece, he has lived in Britain since 2005. He has a PhD in English and Creative Writing from the University of Manchester and has taught at York University in Toronto, and in Britain at the University of Bolton and ... read more
    Evan Jones is an intelligent, allusive poet who has elegantly synthesized his roots in Greek culture. These quietly serious poems throw up glimpses of dream and myth, and do so in a context of real thoughtfulness, free of rhetoric but rich in formal control.
    Fiona Sampson
    Praise for Evan Jones Riots broke out in downtown Montreal earlier in the month after the launch of a new anthology of contemporary Canadian verse at the Bloated Behemoth Book Store. That book, it was later discovered by a man who had subjected it to forensic examination, contained shockingly little verse by poets born in Canada. Several hailed from south of the border, and a third is said to have been resident in London (England), earning a meager living as an antiquarian book dealer and 'practising orientalist', for the past several decades. Margaret Atwood was not even represented in the collection...
    Michael Glover, The Bow-Wow Shop
    [T]he most daring reassessment of our country's canon in years... In a better world, which is to say an alternate reality, this compact and highly readable anthology would be the book your CanLit course makes you buy.
    Jason Guriel, Maisonneuve
    The reader...will experience sweet discoveries ranging from the territory of early twentieth century poets W.W.E. Ross and Alfred Bailey to later poets John Thompson and David Wevill, from French-Canadian Anne Hébert to the likes of Robyn Sarah, Don Coles, and Mary Dalton.
    Ingrid Ruthig, Northern Poetry Review
    Swift and Jones... have put together a wonderful anthology.
    Michael Lista, National Post
    This is a lovely book; full poems that really stand up, and to which you will keep returning.
    Ian Pople, The Manchester Review
      I could make a list of all my favourite Canadian poets who are excluded from this volume because of the editors' high modernist interests. But they have defined the story they want to tell, and they have every right to do so. There is no rule saying that editors have to be democratic or representative in their choices. And, given those choices, I like what they have done. I don't even have to be British to appreciate it!
    Robert Lecker, Canadian Literature
      I can think of no equivalent for what Swift and Jones have attempted: to rebuild a national canon from scratch using the most obscure figures. Is it subversive? Well, factor in that Carcanet is one of the U.K.'s leading poetry presses, that the last foreign-published Canadian poetry anthology appeared half a century ago, and that many British readers will take their first cues about Canadian poetry from this book - then you get a sense of the exhilarating sneak attack that has been perpetrated on our image abroad.
    Carmine Starnino, Quill & Quire
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