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Collected Poems

Edwin Morgan

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ISBN: 978 0 856358 96 8
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Published: October 1990
224 x 142 x 31 mm
608 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Also available in: Paperback, eBook (Kindle), eBook (EPUB)
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  • At seventy I thought I had come through,
    like parting a bead curtain at Port Said,
    to something that was shadowy before,
    figures and voices of late times that might
    be surprising yet. The beads clash faintly
    behind me as I go forward. No candle-light
    please, keep that for Europe. Switch the whole thing
    right on. When I go in I want it bright,
    I want to catch whatever is there
    in full sight.

    from 'Epilogue: Seven Decades'

    To catch 'in full sight' is Edwin Morgan's ambition. That fullness he
    achieves in lyric epiphanies, in the cumulative focuses and refocuses of
    sequences, in the witty reification of words in concrete poems, in the
    weird rhythms of sound poems. He hears and transcribes voices; his
    transforming imagination is democratic, generous and inclusive. Experiment
    is joyful and enabling: even the sonnet form remains an experiment for the
    poet questing for vision and unwilling to rest on rules. 'More than the
    work of most poets,' writes Iain Crichton Smith, Morgan's poetry 'welcomes
    the twentieth century, with its gadgets, its paradoxes, graffiti, new
    languages, torn advertisements, unconscious jokes, voyages'
    This volume includes Poems of Thirty Years (1982) and Themes on a
    (1988), together with some fifty uncollected poems from 1939 to
    Edwin Morgan was Scotland's first national poet - Scotland's version of the Poet Laureate - and one of the best-loved and most significant poets of the twentieth century. ... read more
    Awards won by Edwin Morgan Winner, 2000 Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry
    Praise for Edwin Morgan 'Edwin Morgan's translation of twent-five poems into Scots, now reissued after almost half a century, finesses one difficulty by substituting another. Wi Haill Voice gives Mayakovsky a shout from the streets without making him a Dickensian exercised in dialect - Scots provides the necessary sense of estrangement.'
    William Logan, The New Criterion
    '[Dreams and Other Nightmares] is a gorgeous lucky-bag of bits and pieces...'
    Alan Spence, Sunday Herald Best Books Of 2010
    'Morgan's poetry has always been large, vigorous and imaginative. It has been energetic and various.'
    lain Crichton Smith
    'There seems no subject Morgan cannot alight upon with his effervescent art.'
    The Scotsman
    'Morgan is just as capable of taking the breath away in cool, stanzaic English, as in roustabout Scots free verse.'
    'Edwin Morgan is probably the writer most influential (in this) generation of Scottish poets.'
    Robert Crawford
    '(Morgan) is still at the height of his powers as storyteller, polemicist, lyric poet and translator.'
    Alan Brownjohn
    'Mr Morgan writes in a way which I would characterise as generous and forceful as well as immediately sensible.'
    The Scotsman
    'Mr Morgan is as versatile as he is inventive ... the qualities that most appeal are a capacity for celebration ... and an unsentimental humaneness, a considering sympathy.'
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