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If This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories?

J. Edward Chamberlin

Cover Picture of If This Is Your Land, Where Are Your Stories?
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Imprint: Lives and Letters
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Available as:
Paperback (284 pages)
(Pub. Aug 2006)
£16.95 £15.25
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  • '[This book's ambition is] to give the reader a sense of how important it is to come together in a new understanding of the power and the paradox of stories. If we can do this, I believe we will be able to understand how the contradictions that are part of the art of storytelling are also part of the nature of our lives and our conflicts over land ...'

    Stories come in many forms, from nursery rhymes and national anthems to poems and praise songs, and from the stories of science to the rituals of religion. They tell us where we come from, and where we belong; how to live and sometimes how to die. They hold us together, and they keep us apart. And all of them bring reality and the imagination together in what J. Edward Chamberlin calls a ceremony of belief.
    Drawing on his experiences in Africa, Australia, Europe and North America, Chamberlin takes the reader on an absorbing journey through communities and cultures around the world.
    J. Edward Chamberlin was born in Vancouver, and educated at the universities of British Columbia, Oxford and Toronto. Since 1970, he has been on the faculty of the University of Toronto, where he is now University Professor Emeritus of English and Comparative Literature; but his interest in stories and songs has ... read more
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