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An Andrew Crozier Reader

Andrew Crozier

Edited by Ian Brinton

An Andrew Crozier Reader ed. Ian Brinton
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Categories: 20th Century, 21st Century, American, Anthologies, British
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • All of your ideas
                             begin life again
    when you wake up
              your faithful servants, already at work
              in their accustomed places
    like clothes neatly folded on the chair
    which no one else would wear
    in quite your way...
        from ‘High Zero’

    Andrew Crozier (1943-2008) was a poet, and an energiser of poetry. A champion of work excluded from the familiar canon, he brought to the English literary landscape of the 1960s and 70s an engagement with the energies of American poetry. As a publisher and critic he helped to create a space for new voices within English poetry: for George Oppen, Carl Rakosi, Roy Fisher, J.H. Prynne. His own poetry is meticulous in its attention to language, exhilarating in its inventiveness and force. Crozier wrote that, for him, ‘becoming a poet had to do with finding a mode for making sense of ... being alive’, and his writing is alive with the possibilities of language.

    Ian Brinton, editor of The Use of English until 2011 and author of Contemporary Poetry Since 1990, has brought together a comprehensive selection of Crozier’s poetry and prose, much of it previously out of print or scattered in small press publications. Biographical and critical notes and a detailed bibliography complete this landmark edition of one of the essential figures in modern poetry.

    A Note on the Text

    I Cambridge and New York
    Train Rides
    1 Name & Nature
    2 Drill Poem
    3 Getting Ready To Come Back Here
    4 [‘Your smell’]
    5 [‘You turn’]
    6 Early Morning, Night Sorting Shift
    7 [‘Young men from old poets should learn’]
    8 The Lunatic
    9 [‘All across this country standing’]
    10 [‘Daily, and’]
    A note on the train, January 1966

    Loved Litter of Time Spent
    The Americans
    Numbers Are Adjectives: Counting Cats
    A Judy
    The Elders
    What Spokes, and to What Hub?
    A Spring Song
    On Romney Marsh
    Second Song in Spring
    An Invocation: To Snow For
    The Daffodil on my Table
    The City Rises
    The Evening’s Occupation
    The Joke
    Some Other Occasion: Joan’s
    The American Valentine
    Privy Business
    Thor’s Fishing Trip
    There are Names
    A Poem of Men
    The Rainbow
    With Her New Lover
    How Does It Go?

    II Essex and Keele
    Walking on Grass
    At Least I’ve A Roof Over My Head
    Three Night Pieces
    Ways With Dice
    The Kitchen
    Sweet Words on Honeyed Lips
    Nowhere to Fly To
    A Day, a Garden, Stay Awake to Dream
    The Harp
    Now Evening, Last Night and Tonight
    A Small Orchard
    Stay On and What Is Lost
    Sprung from the Root
    Tired, Dies
    Out of the Deep
    Follow, Shadow
    For Amity
    Seaside Fragments
    Two Poems
    Out of Slumber

    Love Poem
    Fan Heater
    In Daylight
    Stepping, into her Dream
    Natural History
    Mirror Mirror
    The Interference
    A Set of Nashe
    To John James
    Walking on Grass
    Let’s Go Faster
    The Source

    III Printed Circuit to The Veil Poem
    Printed Circuit
    The Author & His Work
    Moorland Glory, or Swann’s Vestas
    Coup de Main
    Grow Your Own
    The Corsaire
    Dodo You’re Not Dead
    The Syntactic Revolution
    I Remember You/You’re Driving Me Crazy
    Falling in Love With You (Take Two)
    The Very Thought of You
    The Song is You
    For You
    And I Can’t Wait All Day For You

    Neglected Information
    North British Engine
    An Island on Loch Lomond
    Hotel Door St. Fallion
    Looe in Devonshire
    Langley Court in Kent
    Kinnaird Table
    Linlithgow and Stirlingshire Hounds
    Bourne End
    At Tummell on the Loch
    On the Loch
    Leaving for the Motor on the Loch
    At the Oil Works
    The Zoo in Cairo
    The Zoo in Cairo (II)
    Grand Hotel
    The Dartmoor Fox Hounds
    The Dartmoor Fox Hounds (II)
    The Dartmoor
    Bexhill or Anywhere Else
    Oban Bay

    The Veil Poem
    0 (left unfinished
    1 [‘In the dark there is a fretwork’]
    2 [‘What hides in darkness and what truths’]
    3 [‘In nature everything, we suppose, connects up’]
    4 [‘Bend back the edges and pull what you see’]
    5 [‘The coals in the stove glow red’]
    6 [‘I stand before the last arch, which makes’]
    7 [‘The wind blows around the house’]
    8 [‘The electric light over the gateway’]
    9 [‘What I know has day by day’]
    Coda for the Time Being
    The Life Class

    IV Pleats to Were There


    High Zero
    Were There

    Person to Person
    Sussex Express
    Local Colour
    Loopy Dupes
    Utamaro Variations
    As Though After John Brett
    Cardiff Docks, After Sickert
    The End of a Row of Conjectural Units

    V All Where Each Is
    Pretty Head

    Winter Intimacies 1978–1982
    Upright Captions
    Border with Cherubs
    A New Compilation of Existence
    Humiliation in its Disguises

    Clouds and Windows
    Oh, That
    Evaporation of a Dream
    Distant Horizons
    Survival Kit
    Still Life
    Marble Set
    White Launch
    Door Contre Jour
    Light Release
    Fifth Variation
    Pilot Flame
    Driftwood and Seacoal (Family Portrait)

    VI On Objectivism
    The Heifer: after Carl Rakosi
    Inaugural and Valedictory: The Early Poetry of George Oppen

    VII On British Poetry
    Signs of Identity: Roy Fisher’s A Furnace
    Review of J.F. Hendry’s A World Alien

    VIII ‘Free Running Bitch’

    Free Running Bitch
    Star Ground
    Blank Misgivings

    XI Resting on Laurels

    Resting on Laurels

    Selected Bibliography
    Index of Poem Titles
    Index of Poem First Lines
    Index of Names


    Drawing of Andrew Crozier by Fielding Dawson, New York 1965
    Cover for Peter Riley and Andrew Crozier, Romney Marsh (1967), by Kathleen Crozier
    Cover for Printed Circuit (1974), by Ian Tyson
    Illustration for Printed Circuit (1974), by Ian Tyson
    Cover for Neglected Information (1972), by Philip Crozier
    Postcards sent from Jeff Morsman to Andrew Crozier, 1971
    Cover for Pleats (1975), by Michael Simpson
    Cover for High Zero (1978), by Ian Potts
    Cover for Were There (1978), by Ian Potts
    Letter from Carl Rakosi to Andrew Crozier, 7 June 1965
    Carl Rakosi and Andrew Crozier, Cambridge 1997. Photograph by Jean Crozier

    Andrew Crozier
    Andrew Crozier was born in 1943 and was educated at Dulwich College and Christ’s College, Cambridge. In 1964, the same year in which he founded the Ferry Press, he was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the State University of New York, Buffalo, where he was taught by Charles Olson ... read more
    Ian Brinton
    Ian Brinton studied at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, before going on to a career in English teaching. He was Head of English at Leeds Grammar School, Sevenoaks School and Dulwich College before retiring in 2009. He was an editor of The Use of English from 2003 to 2011. Ian Brinton ... read more
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