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Trouble Came to the Turnip

Caroline Bird

Cover Picture of Trouble Came to the Turnip
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ISBN: 978 1 857548 87 7
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Published: September 2006
216 x 135 x 10 mm
64 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Also available in: eBook (EPUB), eBook (Kindle)
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  • When trouble came to the village
    I put my love in the cabbage-cart
    and we rode wrapped in cabbage
    to the capital.

    from 'Trouble Came to the Turnip'

    Following Looking Through Letterboxes, her first collection (2002), Caroline Bird was acclaimed as a vivid and precocious new talent. Trouble Came to the Turnip confirms her originality as she strikes out again in new directions, taking nothing for granted. Her poems are ferociously vital, fantastical, sometimes violent, almost always savagely humorous and self-mocking. Caroline Bird's world is inhabited by failed and (less often) successful relationships, by the dizzying crisis of early adulthood, by leprechauns and spells and Miss Pringle's seven lovely daughters waiting to spring out of a cardboard cake. And the turnip.

    Trouble Came to the Turnip
    The Money
    The World is not Made for Frogs
    Our Lollipop Lady
    This Time Last Week
    An Opera in One Act
    Put Your Earmuffs on Your Eyes
    Love Has Arrived
    Shiny Bin
    The Softness of the Morning
    Relationship Dolls
    The Leprechaun Thinks It Matters
    A Gentlewoman’s Pornography
    Good Friday Outside Barcelona Cathedral
    My Love Made Me a Hat
    Sugar Pot Shakedown
    Shortfall of Water
    Board-Rubber Dust
    Let the People Starve
    Banana Milk
    My Lovely Legless Acrobat
    Mermaids in My Coffee
    The Choirboy Brothers
    The Fairy Is Bored with Her Garden
    Chant and be Happy
    Christmas Poem
    Talent to Talent
    The Plague
    The Lady with the Lamp
    Distant Dog
    And a Touch of Dried Peppermint
    Moving on a Midnight Train
    Let’s Write Another Poem
    Blue Water
    It Will Come to Pass
    Not Like This
    Child Bride
    War Poem
    Old Friends
    Concert Tour
    A Seasonal Surprise for Miss Pringle
    This Bar Is Full of Octopuses
    The Mistress of the House
    Not a Raindrop
    Extracts from an Archive Recently Discovered in a School Wastepaper Bin
    It’s True
    Full House
    Where is all the Mist?
    Ode to a Cubicle
    I Fell in Love with a Crooner
    City Bed
    Chaining Bikes To This Girl Is Strictly Prohibited
    A Bewitchment to Revive a Lustreless Relationship.
    You Had a Latin Lesson
    All Things Yellow
    A Sunny Day on Earth
    Bathtub Spider
    Caroline Bird is an award-winning poet. Her first collection Looking Through Letterboxes was published in 2002 when she was 15. Her second collection, Trouble Came to the Turnip, was published in September 2006 to critical acclaim. Watering Can (2009) achieved a ‘Poetry Book Society Recommendation’ and her fourth collection, The Hat-Stand ... read more
    Awards won by Caroline Bird Short-listed, 2017 The T.S. Eliot Prize  (In These Days of Prohibition) Commended, 2004 Christopher Tower Poetry Prize Winner, 2000 Simon Elvin Young Poet of the Year Award Winner, 1999 Simon Elvin Young Poet of the Year Award Winner, 2002 Eric Gregory Award Winner, 2004 Peterloo Poets Competition (16-19 year-olds) Winner, 2003 Peterloo Poets Competition (16-19 year-olds) Winner, 2002 Peterloo Poets Competition (16-19 year-olds) Short-listed, 2001 Geoffrey Dearmer Prize Short-listed, 2008 Dylan Thomas Prize for young writers
    Praise for Caroline Bird 'The poems of In These Days of Prohibition are disquieting: institutionalised, hedonistic, vacuous and nihilistic. The collection takes a hard look at contemporary society but is, ultimately, uplifting. If Brett Easton Ellis wrote poems, I'€™d like to think they'€™d be poems like these.'
    John Field on the 2017 T.S. Eliot Prize shorlist newsletter

    'Her poems burst with linguistic energy.'
    Stephen Knight, Times Literary Supplement
    'An astonishingly assured piece of work.'
    Ruth Padel, Financial Times
      'What an original captivating and spellbinding voice. Bird is fearless like 'the girl who dropped her ice-cream down a volcano and leaped in after it'. She’s dangerous and witty too with a rare quality of imagination. This is a wonder, a beautifully written book of poems.'
    Lemn Sissay
    'A carnival of characters spills out of these poems, chased by paparazzi, doing somersaults and cartwheels with language... Caroline Bird puts us on the inside looking deeper in, under the glittering skin to the place where laughter begins, where mothers are children, where people feel pain and speak in tongues, where tongues are knives and "Someone still has to stay here and die".'
    Imtiaz Dharker
    'Caroline Bird has always written wise, bitterly funny and intellectually bracing poems.What has developed over the course of four collections is a voice heartbreaking in vision while simultaneously consoling in its constant and inspired invention.'
    Luke Kennard
    'Bird is irrepressible; she simply explodes with poetry. The work erupts, spring-loaded, funny, sad, deadly - you don't know if a bullet will come out of the barrel or a flag with the word BANG on it.'
    Simon Armitage
    'Her poems burst with linguistic energy, and the book is profligate with striking lines and images.'
    Times Literary Supplement
    'The tone fuses knowing innocence and integrity; some poems are faux naif with a ballad lilt, others are sad, funny surreal; all are studded with fresh imaginative insights.'
    Ruth Padel, Financial Times
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