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Devotedly, unostentatiously, Carcanet has evolved into a poetry publisher whose independence of mind and largeness of heart have made everyone who cares about literature feel increasingly admiring and grateful.
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Cover of Curriculum Vitae Curriculum Vitae Muriel Spark
eBook (EPUB) (Available) GBP£ 8.99
Paperback (Available) GBP£ 8.09
eBook (EPUB) (Available) GBP£ 8.99
eBook (EPUB) (Available) GBP£ 8.99
eBook (Kindle) (Available) GBP£ 8.99
Cover of Cuts and Bruises: Personal Terms III Cuts and Bruises: Personal Terms III Frederic Raphael
Paperback (Available) GBP£ 13.45
eBook (Kindle) (Available) GBP£ 9.95
eBook (EPUB) (Available) GBP£ 9.95
Diaries of Georg Heym Eds. Nicholas Jacobs and Antony Hasler
Paperback (Due Oct 2015) GBP£ 11.69
Cover of Distance and Memory Distance and Memory Peter Davidson
Paperback (Available) GBP£ 13.45
eBook (EPUB) (Available) GBP£ 14.95
eBook (Kindle) (Available) GBP£ 14.95
Cover of Drawings Drawings Sarah Raphael
Ed. Frederic Raphael
Paperback (Available) GBP£ 26.95
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