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Rockdrill 6: Sightings

Jerome Rothenberg

Cover Picture of Rockdrill 6: Sightings
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ISBN: 978 1 905001 05 7
Imprint: Audio Books
Published: November 2004
216 x 135 x 8 mm
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • Description
  • Contents
  • Rockdrill is a series of unusual new audio CDs commissioned by the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre at Birkbeck College, London, & produced by Colin Still and Birdie Hall of Optic Nerve.

    The series includes the work by British and American poets, and combines new and archival recordings. Each CD is remarkable for the scope and range of material included, and for the quality of production. This unique new sound library is scheduled to grow in directions suggested by the initial list.

    Rothenberg: 'I think of myself as making poems that other poets haven't provided for me & for the existence of which I feel a deep need... I believe that everything is possible in poetry, & that our earlier "western" attempts at definition represent a failure of perception we no longer have to endure.'

    Table of Contents

    1. Twentieth Century Unlimited

    2. 'A Little Boy Lost'

    3. A Bodhisattva Undoes Hell

    4. Sightings - 1,

    5. The Pirate

    6. The Water of the Flowery Mill

    7. Child of an Idumean Night

    8. from Poland / 1931, 'The Wedding' - Yiddish translation by Amos Schauss

    9. Poland / 1931, 'The Wedding'

    10. Poland / 1931, 'The Wedding', with music by Bertram Turetzky

    11. Portrait of a Jew Old Country Style

    12. Cokboy: Part One

    13. Cokboy: Part Two

    14. The Animals are coming - translation from Senecan Indian with Richard Johnny John

    15. introduction to 'A Seneca Journal'

    16. from A Seneca Journal 1: A Poem of Beavers

    17. Old Man Beaver's Blessing Song

    18. from The Dreamers

    19. The 13th Horse Song of Frank Mitchell

    20. from The First Horse Song of Frank Mitchell: 4 voice version

    21. The Chicago Poem

    22. The Chicago Poem, with music by George Lewis

    23. That Dada Strain

    24. That Dada Strain, with music by Bertram Turetzky

    25. Karawane [Hugo Ball], with music by Bertram Turetzky

    26. A Glass Tube Ecstasy For Hugo Ball, with music by Bertram Turetzky

    27. The Holy Words of Tristan Tzara

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