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Rockdrill 4: Ace

Tom Raworth

Cover Picture of Rockdrill 4: Ace
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ISBN: 978 1 905001 03 3
Imprint: Audio Books
Published: November 2004
216 x 135 x 8 mm
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • HOMILY the work of art
                    reveals an exact opposite

                    every act
                    re-alignes your boundaries

                    not to recall
                    but to trigger

                    the fuse
                    must not go out

    Rockdrill is a series of unusual new audio CDs commissioned by the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre at Birkbeck College, London, & produced by Colin Still and Birdie Hall of Optic Nerve.
        The series includes the work by British and American poets, and combines new and archival recordings. Each CD is remarkable for the scope and range of material included, and for the quality of production. This unique new sound library is scheduled to grow in directions suggested by the initial list.
    Table of Contents

    1. Drinking Electricity

    2. Anniversary

    3. My Face is My Own, I Thought

    4. Morning

    5. For Paul Dorn

    6. Six Days

    7. Ah the Poetry of Miss Parrot's Feet Demonstrating the Tango

    8. Hot Day at the Races

    9. Got Me

    10. Shes

    11. Gitanes

    12. Introduction

    13. Oratorio

    14. Variations

    15. Adagio

    16. Saraband

    17. Nocturne

    18. Travelling

    19. South America

    20. Come Back, Come Back, O Glittering and White!

    21. The Stroboscopic Forest Light Plays

    22. Your Number is Up

    23. Reference

    24. Energy Gap

    25. Toxophily

    26. Surgical Names: John

    27. Taxonomy

    28. Western World

    29. I Better Put a Pattern Around This if They're Going to Call it a Poem

    30. The Centry Doesn't Want to be

    31. University Days

    32. Canvas

    33. The Only Sound in Dallas was the Mexican Beans Jumping

    34. A blue Vacuum Cleaner

    35. The Beckoning Harpoon

    36. The Conscience of a Conservative

    37. Ulysses: or Trotsky's Death

    38. The Drama Review

    39. Funeral Cards

    40. Beautiful Habit

    41. Perpetual Motion

    42. Horse Power

    43. Coda: Songs of the Mask

    44. Ace

    45. Piety

    46. Skiey

    47. Sped on Alone

    48. Magnetic Water

    49. Pretense

    Praise for Tom Raworth 'Brides in the source nail the soap-opera out of doowops? And then the parnassians for milfoils without floor-leaders. The Raworth loves to hum them toward the endeavour.'
    Clark Coolidge
    'Single-handedly, Tom Raworth has restored the value of quickness to English poetry. His is the alacrity of Shelley, of Byron, of Gerard Manley Hopkins, reinforced to meet a modern urgency. It is poetry of sensation, intelligence flashing down the spillway, faster than thought.'
    Bill Berkson
    'Tom Raworth is the one who's truly most interesting to me in England at the moment. I'm fascinated by what he's doing. He's an extraordinary poet.'
    Robert Creeley
    'As When is the selection I have waited for the whole spread of a great poets work.'
    Fanny Howe
       'It has the beauty and weight of a real thing in the world, and is just full of dark senses and wonders.'
    Adam Piette, Poetry London

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