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The State of the World

Edited by Antonio Pinto Ribeiro

State of the World cover
Categories: Portuguese
Imprint: Aspects of Portugal
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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    Carlos Pacheco
    Colin Richaros
    Hassan Zacjtan
    Joao Rarrento
    John Frow
    Moira Simpson
    Paul Gilroy
    Peter Sloterdijk
    Rosangela Renno
    Santiago Kovaoloff
    Surenora Munshi
    Wang Hui

    What is happening to our world? As part of its fiftieth anniversary celebrations, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation invited a dozen international contributors - ten intellectuals, an artist and a poet - to reflect on some of the most urgent cultural and ethical issues of our time. The result is this original and challenging book.

    The relationships between theological and secular ideologies, terrorism and culture, capitalism and democracy recur in several of these essays - as do the long shadows cast by the events of 11 September 2001 in New York and 7 July 2005 n London. As Emilio Rui Vilar says in his Foreword: 'We live in an age that is rich in experiences but also burdened by uncertainties and risks.' The contributors to The State of the World approach these complexities from a diverse range of backgrounds and perspectives, moving towards new strategies for hope in the future.

    Foreword by Emilio Rui Vilar
    Introduction by Antonio Pinto Ribeiro

    Notes on Contributors

    Ethics and Aesthetics of Globalism: A Postcolonial Perspective by Homi K.Bhabha

    Resentment in History: A Past More Present than the Present by Marc Ferro 21

    Nihilism and Democracy
    by Mehdi Belhaj Kacem

    On Difference and Inequality: The Lessons of Ethnographic Experience
    by Miguel Valede Almeida

    Very Big and Very Small Societies
    by Daniel Miller

    Attention and Solicitude in the Twenty-first Century
    by Bernard Stiegler

    Multiculture and Conviviality in Postcolonial Europe
    by Paul Gilroy

    The State of the Cultural Economy: The Rise of the Cultural Economy and the Challenges to Cultural Policy Making
    by Andy C. Pratt

    Uncanny/Unwoven by Paul D.Miller

    Sustainability, Culture and Evolution
    by Filipe Duarte Santos

    The 'Science' in Political Science
    by Pedro Magalhaes

    On the Concept of Civilisation
    by Antonio Cicero

    The Arts, the Truthful and the Fair
    by Daniele Cohn


    Antonio Pinto Ribeiro was born in Lisbon in 1956. He graduated in Philosophy at the Lisbon Classic University (1981) and gained a Masters degree in Communication Sciences at the Lisbon Universidade Nova (1995). Currently he is preparing his PhD, focusing on the subject of ‘Conditions for artistic reception in the post-colonial ... read more
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