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John Latham

Cover Picture of Ditch-Crawl
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Price: GBP 7.16
ISBN: 978 1 857547 68 9
Categories: 21st Century, British
Imprint: Comma Press
Published: August 2004
220 x 135 x 19 mm
240 pages
Publisher: Comma Press
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  • Zack is a crawler. He’s been crawling all his life. He has an instinct for it, a skill for cancelling out all those sucking noises you make when your palms and knees rise out of the mud. He has an ear for the ditch’s subtler traffic too: the bubblings, chitterings, chuckles and gasps, the slow drownings and the unexpected surfacings.
    Zack’s ditch - sometimes a tunnel, sometimes a corridor or a blood-drenched capillary - leads us through a warren of memories and current experiences, from the surrealism of childhood to the baseness of his present life - the breakdown of his marriage and his petty acts of revenge against his wife Elinor.

    John Latham’s first novel constructs an Escher-like maze of what ifs and what nows. Thronging with characters, many of who play only bit parts in Zack’s actual life, this is a journey through the unattended subplots of our lives, the on-going narrative that subconscious itself weaves together.

    ‘Spectacular writing, with lines that hang around in the mind long after you’ve read them.’
    - Ian McMillan

    John Latham is a research scientist who has been awarded several medals by the Royal Meteorological Society, and was for 8 years President of the International Commision on Atmospheric Electricity. Born near Liverpool, he held a chair of physics at the University of Manchester (UMIST) until 1988, before moving partially to ... read more
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