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Selected Writings

Leigh Hunt

Edited by David Jesson-Dibley

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ISBN: 978 1 857547 14 6
Categories: 19th Century
Imprint: FyfieldBooks
Published: September 2003
218 x 134 x 14 mm
200 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Also available in: Paperback
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  • Leigh Hunt (1784-1859) was a prolific, versatile and engaging writer. He outlived many of the poets and essayists of his generation whose reputations overshadowed his, but Coleridge, Wordsworth, Shelley and Keats all owed a debt to his advocacy, as did Tennyson and Browning. A poet of charm and technical skill, and an able translator and playwright, Leigh Hunt excelled as an essayist, literary critic and letter writer. His concern was always, in the words of his son, to 'open more widely the door of the library', to share his literary enthusiasms and extend his readers' tastes. This anthology draws on the range of Hunt's poetry and prose, revealing a writer committed to the humane and civilising powers of literature and friendship.
    Table of Contents

    Biographical Introduction

    Selected Bibliography


    From the Preface to The Story of Rimini

    From The Story of Rimini

    To Hampstead

    Description of Hampstead

    To the Grasshoppers and the Cricket

    On a Lock of Milton's Hair

    The Nile

    To T.L.H

    To a Lady who wished to see him

    (from the French of Clement Marot)

    Song (from the French of Clement Marot)

    From Captain Sword and Captain Pen

    From the Autobiography

    The Fish, The Man, and the Spirit

    About Ben Adhem


    From A Rustic Walk and Dinner

    To Charles Dickens

    On the Death of His Son Vincent


    From 'What is Poetry'

    From the Preface to Stories in Verse

    From the Autobiography : Coleridge

    From Table Talk : Charles Lamb

    From Lord Byron and Some of His Contemporaries:

    Lord Byron

    Mr Shelley

    Mr Keats

    From The Examiner: Adonais

    From a review of Tennyson's Poems (1842)

    From The Examiner:

    Rules for the Conduct of Newspaper Editors

    Distressed Seamen

    Cause of the Inferiority of Parliament

    I and We

    From The Indicator

    A Now: descriptive of a hot day

    A Now: descriptive of a cold day


    To Marianne Kent

    To Marianne Hunt

    To Mr Ives, head jailer

    From the Autobiography

    To John Keats

    To P.B. Shelley

    To Joseph Severn

    To P.B. Shelley

    To Horace Smith

    From T.B. Macaulay

    From Leigh Hunt's Journal

    To Thomas Moore

    To B.W. Proctor

    To B.W. Proctor

    To Mr and Mrs Browning


    William Hazlitt

    Thomas Carlyle

    Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Charles Dickens: from Bleak House

    John Forster

    Charles Dickens


    Leigh Hunt
    Leigh Hunt, (1784-1859), dubbed the 'spirit of the age' by Hazlitt, became a journalist in 1805, after eight years at Christ's Hospital and the publication of his Juvenalia . He made his debut as a drama critic in The News, edited by his brother John. In 1808 the brothers ... read more
    David Jesson-Dibley
    ... read more
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