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Restoration Bawdy

Edited by John Adlard

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ISBN: 978 1 857546 97 2
Categories: 17th Century, Humour, LGBTQ+
Imprint: FyfieldBooks
Published: April 2003
215 x 135 x 10 mm
144 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  •    Come, child, let us kiss - hang dull, silly wooing;
    'Tis time, like our betters, we two should be doing,
    Kind Fate still assigns, as a custom that's common,
    To the mistress the master, the man to the woman.

                        Paul Motteux

       Sensual pleasure, gentle, violent or comic, is the theme of this anthology of seventeenth-century erotic writing. Restoration Bawdy brings vividly to life a 'masquerading age'. The book draws on high and low culture, and includes courtly poems and works by Rochester, Sedley and Etheridge, as well as broadside ballads, doggerel from almanacs and songs from plays. A number of the pieces have only previously been available in research libraries. The result is a lively social panorama of Restoration England and a cheerfully amoral celebration of the pleasures of the flesh.
    Table of Contents





    Anacreon Done into English

      Antidote against Melancholy 1661

    Aubrey, John

    Ayres, Philip

    Behn, Aphra

    Bourne, Reuben

      Bristol Drollery , 1674


    Chetham MS Mun. A.4.14.

    Crowne, John

      Cupid's Posies , 1674

    Davenant, Sir William

    Dryden, John

    Duffett, Thomas

    D'Urfey, Tom

    Dyce MS 43.

    Etherege, Sir George

      Flora's Vagaries , 1670

    Harleian MS 6914.

      John and his Mistress , c.1680

    Jordan, Thomas

    Leanerd, John

    Lee, Nathaniel

    Le Neve, Oliver

      Love's Masterpiece , 1683

      Merry Dialogue between Tom the

    Tailor and his Maid Joan
    , 1684

      Merry Drollery Complete , 1691

    Milton, John

    Motteux, Peter

      New Academy of Compliments , 1671

      New Help to Discourse , 1669

      New London Drollery , 1687

      Nuage Venales , 1686

    Payne, Henry Nevil

      Penkethman's Jests , 1721

      Poor Robin, A Prognostication , 1675

      Poor Robin's Almanack , 1687

    Powell, George

    Radcliffe, Alexander

    Rawlins, Thomas

    Rochester, John Wilmot, Earl of

     Royal Library, Stockholm,

    MS Vu 69.

      Secret Sinners, The, c. 1686

    Sedley, Sir Charles

    Settle, Elkanah

    Shadwell, Thomas

    Stapylton, Robert

    Taubman, Matthew

      Westminster Drollery , 1671

    Wilson, John

      Windsor Drollery , 1672

      Wit and Mirth , 1682

      Wit and Mirth: or, Pills to Purge

    , 1699-1700

      Wit at a Venture , 1674

      Wit's Cabinet , c. 1700

      Works of Rochester, Roscommon and Dorset 1718

    John Adlard has taught in universities in Eastern and Western Europe. He was the author of a study of folklore in William Blake and edited a selection of Blake's poems. His anthology of the work of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, is published in the Fyfield series as The Debt to ... read more
    Praise for John Adlard 'Mr Andrew Marvell (who was a good Judge of Witt) was wont to say that [Rochester] was the best English Satyrist and had the right veine. Twas pitty Death tooke him off so soon.'

    John Evelyn

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