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Collected Poems

Thomas Kinsella

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  • Wedding Morning

    Down the church gravel where the bridal car
          Gleams at the gate among the waifs and strays
    And women of Milewater, formal wear
          And fashion's joker hats wink in the breeze.

    Past, the hushed progress under sprays of broom
          And choirs of altar lilies, when all eyes
    Went brimming with her and the white-lipped groom
          Brought her to kneel beside him. Past, the sighs;

    Ahead lies the gaiety of her father's hall
          Thrown open to the chatter of champagne,
    The poised photographer, the flying veil,
          The motors crowded on the squandered lawn.

    Down the bright gravel stroll the families
          With Blood, the trader, profiting in their peace.

    from Downstream (1962) included in Collected PoemsI

    Thomas Kinsella stands apart in modern Irish poetry. His work, employing traditional and modernist elements in individual poems and open sequences, deals in a range fo subjects from the most intense and psychic privacy to political satire and social commentary, from love and the enabling feminine to metaphysical speculation in a variety of earthly settings.
    Thomas Kinsella (1928-2021) was born in Dublin in 1928. He was educated at University College, Dublin and entered the Irish Civil Service before becoming a full-time writer and teach in the USA. He was the author of over thirty books of poetry and of essays, and editor of The New Oxford ... read more
    Awards won by Thomas Kinsella Commended, 2007 Poetry Book Society
    (Selected Poems)
    Praise for Thomas Kinsella 'The most complex and multi-layered of the Peppercanister poems...taken with the 1968 and 1973 volumes and some of the earlier poems may comprise the most challenging, most achieved, and therefore most rewarding body of poetry from the British Isles over the past half-century.'
    The Cambridge History of Irish Literature
     'With unique memorability and force these poems, in the words of 'Belief and Unbelief'€™, coax us to follow their author in search of understanding 'back to the dark / and the depths that I came from'. No one who cares about poetry should hesitate to embark on the journey.'
    The Guardian
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