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Christopher Homm

C.H. Sisson

Cover Picture of Christopher Homm
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ISBN: 978 1 857542 95 0
Imprint: Carcanet Fiction
Published: April 1997
216 x 134 x 18 mm
160 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Also available in: Hardback, Paperback
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  • `Here, with dead-pan Swiftian irony, Sisson traces the progress, or regress, of a lower-middle-class homme moyen sensuel impoverished by every material and spiritual loss that contemporary civilisation can inflict . . .' Spectator

    `Certainly no one who cares about good writing can afford to ignore this book.' Guardian

    `This "negative narration" is a striking technical achievement. It also has a powerful emotional effect, endowing Homm's arbitrary sufferings with the ineluctable logic of predestination.' The Times

    Christopher Homm 'was a pattern of amiability when he fell flat on the gravel' - dead. This is his story, tracing him back through the estates, meat pies, love affairs and snickets of his life, including military service in India, to the ill-starred moment when Mr Homm climbed the stairs to look in on his wife, in whose womb Christopher 'crouched in his blindness'.

    Published a quarter of a century before Time's Arrow, Sisson's dark comedy of reversals is told with what the Sunday Telegraph called 'incisive prose style and superbly sardonic wit.' The places share the reality of Sisson's own early years. The author's shoe soles were worn by the same pavements as Homm's, and he may from time to time have passed him in the street, with a vertiginous sense of recognition.
    Born in Bristol in 1914, C. H. Sisson was noted as a poet, novelist, essayist and an important translator. He was a great friend of the critic and writer Donald Davie, with whom he corresponded regularly. Sisson was a student at the University of Bristol where he read English and Philosophy. ... read more
    Praise for C.H. Sisson `His poems move in service of the loved landscapes of England and France; they sing (and growl) in love of argument, in love of seeing through, in love of the firm descriptions of moral self-disgust; they move in love of the old lost life by which the new life is condemned.'
    Donald Hall, New York Times Book Review
    'I think he is worth a place on the short shelf reserved for the finest twentieth-century poets, with Eliot and Rilke and MacDiarmid.'
    Robert Nye, the Scotsman
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