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Selected Poems

Mark Strand

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  • `This is my Main Street', he said as he started off
    That morning, leaving the town to the others,
    Entering the high-woods tipped in pink
    By the rising sun but still dark where he walked.
    `This is the way,' he continued as he watched
    For the great space that he felt sure
    Would open before him, a stark sea over which
    The turbulent sky would drop the shadowy shapes
    Of its song, and he would move his arms
    And begin to mark, almost as a painter would,
    The passages of greater and lesser worth, the silken
    Tropes and calls to this or that, coarsely conceived . . .

    from `Proem', Dark Harbour

    Mark Strand begins 'almost as a painter would': the spirit of Edward Hopper hovers near the large clarities of a poetry that gathers its energies widely, from the visible world and the world of languages. The visible world includes the unprovable reality of dream, making its  truths against the waking world. His first book was Sleeping with One Eye Open. Octavio Paz said: 'Mark Strand has chosen the negative path, with loss as the first step towards fullness: it is also the opening to a transparent verbal perfection.' This book gathers the best of his poetry, including poems from his most recent book, Dark Harbour.
    Mark Strand was born on Prince Edward Island, Canada. He studied in the United States, Italy and Brazil. He has occupied a number of senior teaching posts in the United states -- at Columbia, Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Wesleyan and elsewhere -- and is currently a Professor in the Writing Seminars at ... read more
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