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The Golden Age of Brazil

C.R. Boxer

Cover Picture of The Golden Age of Brazil
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ISBN: 978 1 857541 00 7
Categories: Portuguese
Imprint: Aspects of Portugal
Published: March 1995
233 x 157 x 21 mm
400 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • Illustrated in colour and black and white

    Sub-titled 'growing pains of a colonial society', Professor C.R.Boxer's
    lively book -- a classic of its kind -- explores how the small European
    kingdom of Portugal established the vast colony of Brazil, extending to
    more than half the area and nearly the population of the whole continent of
    South America.
    The 'golden age' was, of course, tarnished from the start: the book
    begins with a study of the slave trade and of the slavery in field and mine
    on which the developing economy was built. There follow chapters on the
    penetration of the boundless interior, west and south, by missionaries,
    cattlemen and a medley of other colonists, the fending off of European
    rivals, the discovery of diamond and gold deposits, and yet further
    expansion into Amazonia. Throughout the epic events, the lives of men and
    women of all classes are vividly portrayed and the political and
    administrative repercussions of growth explained. By the time the 'golden
    age' ended, three races - Amerindian, Portuguese and Negro - had achieved a
    relatively peaceful fusion and a Brazilian self-consciousness had emerged,
    the prelude to independence from Portugal.
    This reissue of Professor Boxer's classic study includes a new set
    of contemporary illustrations
    Charles Boxer was born in 1904. He was commissioned into the Lincolnshire regiment in 1923, serving until 1947 when he retired as a Major. He then became Camões Professor of Portuguese at London University (1947-51, 1953-67), Professor of the History of the Far East at the School of Oriental and African ... read more
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