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The Storm House

Tim Liardet

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Categories: 21st Century
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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(Pub. Jun 2011)
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  • Untalkative brother, a year dead, everywhere world
    is in the ascendant. Out here the air is heavy with rain,
    the crowded lobby like a railway station.
    Out here, estranged from world, I feel the urgency
    to explain exactly what it was that happened to you
    and to dig for the whole story...

    from ‘The Storm House’
    In 2006 Tim Liardet’s brother died in mysterious circumstances. The Storm House is a book-length elegy that is both grief-fugue and exploration of family psychodrama. The two parts of the book form a powerful narrative of sorrow and anger, the events recollected in the first part extended by the virtuoso sonnet-sequence of the second. From uncertainty, trauma and silence, Liardet generates force and gravity in ‘the spring and leap / of energy’ that is the creative life owed to the dead.

    Cover painting: Undercut. Copyright © Katarzyna Gajewska. Reproduced by permission of the artist

    Like Slant Rain
    Calling Ugolino
    The Water-halt
    The Constables Call
    The Gorse Fires
    Versions of a Miserabilist
    The Jigging Season
    The Law of Primogeniture
    On Pett Level Beach
    Goose Flesh
    The Ghost Train
    The Revenant
    Fantasia on the Snarl
    The Beating
    ‘I thought it was a fucking earthquake,’
    The Interlude
    Bucko in Love
    Exit, Pursued by a Wolf
    The Waterlily Garden
    Self-portrait as Flypaper
    Self-portrait with Patio Flames
    Sky Egg
    Deleted Scene (The Frog)
    The Brothers Grimm
    A Portrait of my Grandfather in Drag
    The Peacemaking
    The Vintage
    Deleted Scene (The Jug)
    The Dark Age
    ‘…Lay Thee Down’
    The Storm House
    Twice shortlisted for the T.S. Eliot prize, Tim Liardet is the recipient of many literary awards and Arcimboldo’s Bulldog: New and Selected Poems is his eleventh book of poems. Liardet was born in London, educated at the University of York, and worked variously and travelled widely before moving into higher education. ... read more
    Awards won by Tim Liardet Short-listed, 2015 TS Eliot Prize (The World Before Snow)
    'Tim Liardet makes the human macabre dazzle in the dark.'
    Gwyneth Lewis 
    Praise for Tim Liardet 'Tim Liardet's poetry is a concentration of intelligence, fierce but accurate feeling and an encompassing imagination ... Arcimboldo's Bulldog is the work of an exemplary poet at the top of his craft.'
    George Szirtes
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