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The Window: New and Selected Poems

Dahlia Ravikovitch

Edited by Chana Bloch

Translated by Chana Bloch

The Window
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Categories: Jewish
Imprint: Sheep Meadow Press
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Available as:
Hardback (120 pages)
(Pub. Aug 2011)
£14.95 £13.45
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  • Dahlia Ravikovitch is Israel's leading woman poet. Born in Ramat Gan in 1936, she has published five volumes of poetry, a book of short stories, and two books of children's verse.


    Foreword by Robert Alter
    Translator's Note 

    The Love of an orange (1959)
    On the Road at Night
    The Tearing
    The Commandment
    A Wicked Hand
    Clockwork Doll
    A Small Woman
    The Land of the Setting Sun
    Night Sorrow
    Someone to Save Him
    Around Jerusalem
    Behind the Rain

    A Hard Winter (1964)
    Requiem after Seventeen Years
    Time Caught in a Net
    Distant Land
    Heartbreak in the Park
    Trying Again
    Hills of Salt
    The Raging Waters
    Mahlon and Chilion
    A Hard Winter
    They Told Me to Bring
    A great tremor
    The Blue West

    The Third Book (1969)
    Surely you Remember
    Two Songs of the Garden
    Now the Moon
    The Marionette
    Pure Memory
    Imagination is a Boundless Thing
    The Horns of Hittin
    A Dress of Fire
    A Personal Opinion
    In Chad and Cameroon                                                                                                                                     60
    How Hong Kong was Destroyed
    In the Right Wind
    The End of the Fall
    Even a Thousand Years

    Deep Calleth Unto Deep (1976)
    Day Unto Day Uttereth Speech
    Midnight Song
    Poem of Explanations
    Deep Calleth Unto Deep
    In Jerusalem
    Like Rachel
    King over Israel
    From Day to Night
    the Sound of Birds at Noon

    Real Love (1986)
    Iddo Wakes Up
    The Glass pavilion
    Little Child's Head on the Pillow
    The Beginning of Silence
    Cinderella in the Kitchen
    The Finish Line
    A Declaration for the future
    Rough Draft
    Gladi in Richmond
    Blood Heifer
    You Can't Kill a Baby Twice
    Hovering at Low Altitude
    New Zealand
    It Will Certainly Come
    Light and Darkness
    The Window

    Notes to the Poems
    Biograhical Notes

    Dahlia Ravikovitch
    Dahlia Ravikovitch was one of Israel's leading woman poets. Born in Ramat Gan in 1936, she published five volumes of poetry, a book of short stories, and two books of children's verse. She studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and later worked as a journalist and teacher. She was the ... read more
    Chana Bloch
    Chana Bloch is Professor of English Literature and Chairman of the English Department at Mills College. She has published a book of poems The Secrets of the Tribe ; a critical study, Spelling the Word: George Herbert and the Bible; and two volumes of translations from Hebrew, A Dress of Fire: ... read more
    Awards won by Chana Bloch Winner, 2012 Meringoff Poetry Award
      [Ravikovitch's] poetry deals overwhelmingly with extreme states of personal life: desolation, loss, estrangement, breakdown...Landscape, history, the Bible, and best of all, a caustic mother wit: all figure behind the shaken self...She is a poet of wit, severe and costly, and this saves her, at least in the poems...Her language bristles with sharpness...To read these poems is to see the whole world pressed into one imperilled being, and then, through the calming maneuvers of imagination, to watch that being glide past it's own squalor and smallness
    Irving Howe, The New Republic
    The libation that Dahlia Ravikovitch pours is of a sparkling purity and lyric freshness. Her song is both ancient and new, and it is unutterably poignant. Chana Bloch has made a loving translation from the original Hebrew. No poetry in recent years has moved me more
    Stanley Kunitz
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