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The Winter Orchards

Nina Bogin

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Imprint: Anvil Press Poetry
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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Paperback (64 pages)
(Pub. Mar 2001)
£7.95 £7.16
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    The Chestnut Horses

    It must be the chestnut horses
    that keep this fallow
    field on its uphill
    slant –

    their hooves planted
    at four corners,
    their manes long
    as yellow grass.

    And it must be
    the horses that keep
    time on its track,
    so that when we flicker

    across their unhurried
    gaze, wade through bent
    mist-flecked grass,
    our pace

    slows to theirs.
    Halfway up or down
    the steep hold
    of the world,

    it must be the chestnut
    horses that keep it
    fast, green by mere

    Sundown, Winter

    How long will the pink house stay pink?
    When will the six panes of sky
    lose their bluebottle wash?
    When will the lights go on,
    one by one, in the house
    I carry wherever I go?
    One for the kitchen
    where the soup-pot steams.
    One for my daughters
    bent over their homework.
    One for the cat as he licks his dish.
    One for my husband as he stokes the fire.
    One for myself, emptying the coal bin
    into the humming stove.
    One for my father who comes no more.
    One for my mother, my sister, my little niece.
    Each light, in this house or another,
    will lead us home, tonight
    and all the nights to come . . .

    Nina Bogin writes of her second collection that she has ‘drawn together poems that deal with the personal – family, friendship, love and loss; poems about landscape and place; and poems that try to come to grips with the larger world and its chaos. Uniting the poems is a common thread: the natural world and its impenetrable presence which, though threatened, remains a source of renewal and, therefore, of faith.’

    Nina Bogin was born in New York City and grew up on the north shore of Long Island. She attended Kirkland College (now Hamilton College) and received a B.A. degree from New York University. She has lived in France since 1976, first in Paris and then in eastern France near the ... read more
    Praise for Nina Bogin 'Painful, moving and consolatory... sure-footed, clear-sighted evocations of the lovely delicacies of a transient world and a brave testimony to the waning of a treasured relationship.'
    Michael Glover, The Tablet
    'She is always responsive and thoughtful...analytical and angry to excellent effect.'
    Dilys Wood, Artemis Poetry
    'Nina Bogin has a rare skill with words.'
    Anthony Clay, Chase
     'Nina Bogin writes beautiful, spare, exemplary poems from which everything unnecessary is quietly stripped away.'
    Alison Brackenbury, Poetry Review
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