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Collected Poems 1986 - 2006

Greg Delanty

Cover Picture of Collected Poems 1986 - 2006
Categories: 20th Century, 21st Century, Irish
Imprint: OxfordPoets
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Available as:
Paperback (244 pages)
(Pub. Feb 2006)
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  • Right now the men put aside
    Their composing sticks
    And settle by the hellbox
    Chatting in groups
    That never seem to vary
    From, day to day.

    from 'Bad Impression' (The Hellbox)

    Greg Delanty's seven collections, brought together in a single volume, along with previously uncollected poems, reveal his resourcefulness and engaging wit. Delanty explores common experiences -- family life, love, friendship, the natural world and the political world -- in unexpected ways. He weaves together the idioms of his native Cork with the language of modern America. The poems range over Ireland, the United States and India, drawing on their different inheritances. Delanty's poetry is a sequence of metaphors, evoking the subtle interconnections of past and future, people and places.

    This volume includes Cast in the Fire (1986), Southward (1992), American Wake (1995), The Hellbox (1998), The Blind Stitch (2001) The Ship of Birth (2003), and the most recent collection Aceldama, published here for the first time.

    'A true poet' Christopher Ricks, The Guardian
    Table of Contents

    News in Flight xiii

    Cast in the Fire (1986) and Southward (1992)


    Out of the Ordinary

    Thrust & Parry


    Below 'The Devil's Punchbowl'

    Out of the Blue

    Below Zero


    A Common Story




    Epistle from a Room in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

    The Master Printer

    Setting the Type

    The Emigrant's Apology

    Complaint to the Watchmaker

    The Brothers

    The Rising

    Home from Home

    The Unknown Citizens

    The Fable of Swans

    The Lizard & The Lover

    Two for Joy

    An Oil Spillage

    The Scarecrow

    The Worrier

    On Returning

    A Wake on Lake Champlain

    Beach Time

    Observations by a Pond at Dusk in Gainesville, Florida

    The Loudest Sound

    American Wake (1995)

    The Fifth Province

    After Viewing The Bowling Match at Castlemary, Cloyne, 1847

    The Heritage Centre, Cobh 1993

    The Yank

    Economic Pressure

    Tracks of the Ancestors

    In the Land of the Eagle


    Vermont Aisling

    On the Renovation of Ellis Island


    According to the Horticulturist, It Is Unlikely Our Fuchsia Will Survive Winter

    Though the World is Gone Mad

    Williams Was Wrong

    On the Marriage of Friends

    While Reading Poets in their Youth

    Keeping Distance

    Prospecting on Abbey Island

    At a Low Ebb

    The Shrinking World

    The Splinters

    The Children of Lir

    from Children of Chernobyl (1996)

    To Belarussians after Chernobyl

    The No-Go Land



    from The Fifth Province (1997)

    Spiritus Hiberniae

    Film Directions for the Underworld

    The Hellbox (1998)

    The Compositor

    The Cure

    Passing the Evergreen Bar

    The Composing Room


    White Spirits

    Bad Impression

    Modern Times

    The Printer's Devil

    Striped Ink


    The Broken Type

    The Lost Way

    We Will Not Play the Harp Backward Now, No

    The Hellbox

    The Blind Stitch (2001)

    To My Mother, Eileen

    450F 124

    A Cork Prothalamium

    Homage to the God of Pollution in Brooklyn

    Elegy for an Aunt

    Little India

    The Emerald Isle, Sri Lanka


    The Stilt Fisherman

    The Malayalam Box

    Pathetic Fallacy

    The Travelling Monk

    The Palindrome Stitch

    Prayer to Saint Blaise

    Behold the Brahmany Kite

    The Greater Body

    The Family Man and the Rake

    The Phone Bird

    White Worry

    (The hummingbird)

    The Bindi Mirror

    International Call

    The Leper and Civil Disobedience

    Lepers' Walk

    The Speakeasy Oath

    Tagging the Stealer

    The Memory Quilt

    Heron and Li Po on the Blackwater

    The Blind Stitch

    The Ship of Birth (2003)

    The Alien

    Paper Light

    According to the Nepalese

    Morning Watch


    Sound Kinetics


    The Expected

    The Air Display

    The Great Ship

    Apology to Crickets

    The Sea Horse Family

    Hero's Return

    The Shutterbug

    The Soul Hunter

    Snow and Wind Canticle to an Unborn Child

    The Foetal Monitor Day

    The God of Dry Mouths

    The Present

    For the Record

    The Third Trimester

    The Turtle Mother

    Black Snow

    The Neo-Natal

    The Coronation

    The Ship of Birth

    From Woody's Restaurant, Middlebury

    The Arrival

    A Circus

    To My Mother

    Late Entry

    The Language of Crying


    The Green Room



    The Ink Moth

    The Joker Family

    The West

    The Wave

    The Birds

    The Skunk Moths



    Washing My Mother

    The Last Coiffeur

    The Hanky

    In Times of War




    Opening Up

    Shopping for a Composter

    Ur God

    The Natural World

    The Earth Tearer

    The Jar of Effulgence



    Index of titles

    Index of first lines

    Praise for Greg Delanty 'The Blind Stitch is a tour de force.'
    The Irish Examiner
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