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The Poorhouse Fugitives

Brian Maidment

Edited by Brian Maidment

Cover Picture of The Poorhouse Fugitives
Imprint: FyfieldBooks
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Available as:
Paperback (80 pages)
(Pub. Aug 1995)
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  • `The great mass of writing by what one
    might broadly term "working-class Victorians" is only
    now receiving proper attention.
    This book is a major contribution to that process.'

    Times Educational Supplement

    Three traditions are represented in this anthology: a Chartist and radical literature, a Parnassian strand, and a deliberately local manner, often steeped in dialect. This is a literature poised between speech and print, between the anonymous street ballad and the literary lyric. From common themes and common failings powerful individual voices emerge; many of them have not been heard since the days of their original publication. Brian Maidment has recovered something important for the modern reader, providing a working anthology and a guide for further exploration.

    Dr Brian Maidment
    is the Head of English at Edge Hill College of Higher Education.
    Table of Contents



    List of Illustrations



    The Two Weavers - Alexander Rodger

    A Bundle of Truths - Alexander Rodger

    Whisperings for the Unwashed - William Thom

    Chartist Lyrics

    When the World is Burning - Ebenezer Jones

    The Gathering of the People - W.J. Linton

    The Steam King - E.P. Mead

    Labour Song - James Syme

    The Song of the Low - Ernest Jones

    A Chartist Chorus - Ernest Jones

    Just Instinct and Brute Reason - A Manchester Operative

    The Black Hole of Calcutta - Ebenezer Elliott

    The Press - Ebenezer Elliott

    The Awakening of the People - Gerald Massey

    Two Chartist Songs - Thomas Cooper

    Melodrama, Pathos, and Narrative

    Song - Ebenezer Elliott

    Revenge - W.J. Linton

    The Food-Rioter Banished - William Thom

    Historical Narratives

    Leawood Hall - Ernest Jones

    Bob Thin, or the Poorhouse Fugitive - W.J. Linton

    Later Radical Lyrics

    Preawd Tum's Prayer - Joseph Ramsbottom

    Ten Heawrs a Day - Joseph Ramsbottom

    Mother Wept - Joseph Skipsey

    The Stars are Twinkling - Joseph Skipsey

    Get Up - Joseph Skipsey



    Poems of Social Indignation

    Steam at Sheffield - Ebenezer Elliott

    The Village Patriarch - Ebenezer Elliott

    The Death of the Factory Child - J.C. Prince

    Patriotism - George Richardson

    Philosophical, Discursive and Historical Poems

    The Mind - Charles Swain

    Night - Thomas Cleaver

    The Purgatory of Suicides - Thomas Cooper

    The Isles of Britain - Elijah Ridings

    'Such Gems as Morland Drew'

    A Spring Song - John Bethune

    Summer Morning - Thomas Miller

    My Own Hills - Robert Story

    The Mossy Stane - Robert Nicoll

    My Latest Publication - Edward Capern

    The City Observed, the City Repressed

    A Winter Night in Manchester - Philip Connell

    Manchester - J.B. Rogerson

    The Lowly Bard - Fanny Forrester

    The City Singers - J.L. Owen

    Salford Bridge - William Billington

    Dedicatory, Celebratory, and Memorial Poems

    The Poet's Corner - Alexander Wilson

    Robin Burns - Gerald Massey

    Gerald Massey - William Billington

    To the Memory of William Billington - George Hull

    To the Memory of Ebenezer Elliott - Richard Furness

    Genius and Intemperance

    The Sabbath Peal - Thomas Nicholson

    John Barleycorn's Diary - Cornelius McManus

    Genius and Intemperance - John Nicholson

    The Subject of Poetry

    The Minstrel's Lot - J B Rogerson

    The Poesy - J.C. Prince

    The Poet's Sabbath - J.C. Prince

    The Poet's Mission - Ernest Jones

    Sonnet to Poesy - James Waddington

    Genius - James Waddington

    The Brooklet - Joseph Skipsey

    The Minstrel - Joseph Skipsey

    Random Thoughts on Poetry - J.C. Prince

    Preface - Gerald Massey

    The Uses and Pleasures of Poetry for theWorking Classes - Janet Hamilton

    The Poet, as Seer and Singer - Joseph Skipsey



    Poems from 'The People's Journal'

    Sonnets - Henry F. Lott

    Sonnets - Henry F. Lott

    My Friend's Library - Henry F. Lott

    The November Primrose - John Dacres Devlin

    Fellow Workers - 'Marie'

    Heroisms - 'Marie'

    Labour - 'Marie'

    The People's Sabbath Prayer - Ebenezer Elliott

    The Dream of the Artisan - G.R. Emerson

    'We Are Low' Poems

    We Are Lowly - Robert Nicoll

    We May Be Low, We May Be Poor - Thomas Blackah

    Lancashire Bards

    Homely Rhymes on Bad Times - Samuel Bamford

    The Bard's Reformation - Samuel Bamford

    Farewell to My Cottage - Samuel Bamford

    The Landowner - Samuel Bamford

    Simple Minstrelsy - Elijah Ridings

    My Uncle Tum - Elijah Ridings

    Cultivate Your Men - Edwin Waugh

    The Man of the Time - Edwin Waugh

    I've Worn My Bits o'Shoon Away - Edwin Waugh

    Homely advoice to th' Unemployed - Samuel Laycock

    The Shurat Weaver's Song - Samuel Laycock

    Bowton's Yard - Samuel Laycock

    What! Another Cracked Poet - Samuel Laycock

    Sorrowin - Joseph Ramsbottom

    Coaxin - Joseph Ramsbottom

    Some Other Local Bards

    Rhymes for the Times - Janet Hamilton

    A Warkin' Mon's Reflections - Janet Hamilton

    The People - Thomas Ince

    A Workman's Home - Thomas Ince

    The Factory Girl - Bill o'th Hoylus End

    A Labourer's Song - James Dawson

    A Song of Labour - Alexander Anderson

    The Toiler's Wife - George Hull



    English Bards and Scotch Reviewers - Lord Byron

    Burns - Thomas Carlyle

    Lives and Works of our Unlettered Poets - Robert Southey

    The Pursuit of Knowledge Under Difficulties - G.L. Craik

    Corn Law Rhymes - Thomas Carlyle

    Ebenezer Elliott - George Gilfillan

    The Condition of the Working Class In England - Friedrich Engels

    Homes and Haunts of the British Poets - William Howitt

    Burns and his School - Charles Kingsley

    Review of Evans's Lancashire Orators - Anon.

    The Influence of Poetry on the Working Classes - F.W. Robertson

    A Biographical Sketch of Gerald Massey - (Samuel Smiles)

    A Hedge-side Poet - Diane Mulock

    The Peerage of Poverty - Edwin Paxton Hood



    Journals - John Clare

    The Difficulties of Appearing in Print - Charles Fleming

    Alton Locke - Charles Kingsley

    The Poet's Dream - Elijah Ridings

    Prefaces and letters - J.C. Prince

    A Sketch of the Author's Life - William Heaton

    Advertisement to Poems of John Nicholson - W. Dearden

    Preface to Beggar Manuscripts - Thomas Ince

    Unpublished letters to Edwin Waugh - Various authors



    North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell

    Goosegrave Penny Readings - Ben Brierley

    Writing in the Dialect - Joseph Ramsbottom

    The Lancashire Dialect - Ben Brierley

    Introduction Essay on Dialect - George Milner

    The Dialect in Distress - Joseph Cronshaw

    Suggested Further Reading

    Index of Authors Represented

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