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Selected Poems

Sir Walter Scott

Edited by James Reed

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Categories: 18th Century, 19th Century, Scottish
Imprint: Fyfield Books
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Available as:
Paperback (256 pages)
(Pub. Apr 2003)
£14.95 £13.45
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  •    Still linger, in our northern clime,
    Some remnants of the good old time;
    And still, within our valleys here,
    We hold the kindred title dear,
    Even when, perchance, its far-fetch'd claim
    To Southron ear sounds empty name;
    For course of blood, our proverbs deem,
    Is warmer than the mountain stream.
    And thus, my Christmas still I hold
    Where my great-grandsire came of old,
    With amber beard, and flaxen hair,
    And reverend apostolic air -
    The feast and holy tide to share,
    And mix sobriety with wine,
    And honest mirth with thoughts divine:
    Small thought was his, in after time
    E'er to be hitched into a rhyme.
    The simple sire could only boast,
    That he was loyal to his cost;
    The banish'd race of kings rever'd,
    And lost his land, - but kept his beard.

    Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) is the great poet of the Scottish people, their history and land, yet he wrote at a time when Scottish culture and landscapes were changing rapidly under English pressure. Introducing this selection, James Reed, an authority on ballads and the Border tradition, sets Scott in context as both a European Romantic and a Scottish folk poet. He also illuminates the political and cultural context of his work. This selection, which includes early love poems, songs from the novels, landscape poems from The Lay of the Last Minstrel and The Lady of the Lake, and the complete narrative poems 'William and Helen' and Marmion, reveals Scott as a poet who speaks for a people.

    The selection contains notes on the text, suggestions for further reading and a glossary.
    Table of Contents


    Suggestions for further reading

    1 LYRICS

    To the Pride of Teviotdale

    The Prisoner's Complaint

    The Resolve

    The Violet

    To a Lady

    On the Massacre at Glencoe

    Farewell to the Muse

    From Waverley , 'False love, and hast thou played me this'

    Guy Mannering ,

    'Canny moment, lucky fit'

    'Twist ye, twine ye! Even so'

                The Heart of Midlothian,

    'Proud Maisie is in the wood'

                The Bride of Lammermoor,

    'Look not thou on beauty's charming'

    Rebecca's Hymn

                The Pirate,
    The Song of the Reim-Kennar

    , Hope


                The Doom of Devergoil,
    Bonny Dundee

    Carle, now the King's Come


    The Dreary Change

    From The Lay of the Last Minstrel

    II.i 'If thou would'st view fair Melrose aright'

    IV.i 'Sweet Teviot! On thy silver tide'

    IV.ii 'unlike the tide of human time'

    V.i 'Call it not vain; they do not err'

    V.ii 'Not that, in sooth, o'er mortal urn' 'After due pause, they bade him tell'

    VI.i 'Breathes there the man, with soul so dead'

    VI.ii 'O Caledonia! stern and wild'

    From The Lady of the Lake

    IV.xxix ' The shades of eve come slowly down' 'Beside its embers red and clear'

    IV.xxxi 'He gave him of his Highland cheer'

    VI.xxix 'Harp of the North, farewell! The hills grow dark'

    3 Narrative

    Jock of Hazeldean

    William and Helen




    James Reed
    ... read more
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