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Dulce Maria Loynaz (1902 - 1997)

Dulce Maria Loynaz
Books by this author: Against Heaven
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  • Dulce MaríaLoynaz (1902–97) is Cuba’s mostvenerated poet. She was born into a cultured and wealthy family and studied lawat the University of Havana. Her first book, Verses 1920-1938, was published in Cuba in 1938, but her novel andsubsequent books of poetry were published in Spain, where she enjoyed greatsuccess in Madrid’s literary circles. After the triumph of the CubanRevolution, Loynaz chose to remain in Cuba despite the stigma that came withher family’s wealthy background and despite the isolation that resulted fromnot joining the Communist party. With her poetry ignored and even censored fornearly thirty years, Loynaz lived in seclusion in her Havana home until theRoyal Spanish Academy unexpectedly awarded her the 1992 Cervantes Prize,bringing her sudden international fame at the age of 90. The following yearCuba published her Collected Poems,followed by her novel Garden, writtenbetween 1928 and 1935, her essays, and her letters. She died in 1997.

    James O’Connoris a poet, playwright and translator from New YorkCity. He has lived in France, Mexico, and from 1999 to 2000 he lived in Havana,Cuba. In 2006 he was awarded a playwriting fellowship from the Edward F. AlbeeFoundation.

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