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an admirable concern to keep lines open to writing in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and America.
Seamus Heaney

Sir Thomas Wyatt (1503 - 1542)

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  •    Sir Thomas Wyatt was born in Kent in 1503 and spent most of his life in the service of King Henry VIII. In 1520 he married Elizabeth Brooke and the following year their son was born. The marriage was not a success and five or six years later Wyatt separated from his wife. It is possible that at this time he became involved in a relationship with Anne Boleyn. Wyatt first showed his diplomatic skills on a mission to France in 1526; in 1537 he was appointed ambassador to the court of the emperor Charles V. In 1541, however, Wyatt was imprisoned in the Tower of London on a charge of treason. Although the allegations were never substantiated, Wyatt had to confess to his guilt and return to his wife as a condition of his release. In 1542 Wyatt was sent by the king to escort a Spanish envoy from Falmouth to London. He died of a fever brought on by the journey.
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