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Carcanet has always been the place to look for considerations of purely literary and intellectual merit. Its list relies on the vision and the faith and the energy of people who care about books, and values. It is thus as rare as it is invaluable.
Frederic Raphael

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Cover of The Miraculous Season: Selected Poems The Miraculous Season: Selected Poems V.R. 'Bunny' Lang
Ed. Rosa Campbell
Paperback £15.29
eBook (EPUB) £12.23
Cover of Sea-Fever: Selected Poems Sea-Fever: Selected Poems John Masefield
Ed. Philip Errington
Paperback £15.29
eBook (EPUB) £12.23
Paperback (Currently Out of Stock)
Cover of Poems, Stories and Writings Poems, Stories and Writings (2e) Margaret Tait
Ed. Sarah Neely
Paperback 2e £13.49
eBook (EPUB) 2e £10.79

Paperback 1e £13.49
Cover of Revelation Freshly Erupting: Collected Poetry Revelation Freshly Erupting: Collected Poetry Nelly Sachs
Trans. Andrew Shanks
Paperback £27.00
eBook (EPUB) £21.60
Cover of Switch: The Complete Catullus Switch: The Complete Catullus Isobel Williams
Paperback £15.29
eBook (EPUB) £12.23
Cover of Paterson Paterson William Carlos Williams
Ed. Christopher MacGowan
Paperback £18.00
eBook (EPUB) £14.40
Hardback (Reprinting)
Cover of The Nazarene Gospel Restored The Nazarene Gospel Restored Robert Graves and Joshua Podro
Ed. John Presley
eBook (EPUB) £18.00
Hardback (Currently Out of Stock)
Cover of Bride of Ice: Selected Poems Bride of Ice: Selected Poems Marina Tsvetaeva
Trans. Elaine Feinstein
Paperback £13.49
eBook (EPUB) £10.79
Cover of Selected Poems Selected Poems Donald Davie
Ed. Sinead Morrissey
Paperback £11.69
eBook (EPUB) £9.35
Cover of 100 Poems 100 Poems Umberto Saba
Ed. Patrick Worsnip
Trans. Patrick Worsnip
Paperback £13.49
eBook (EPUB) £10.79
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