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Rosanna Mclaughlin: Tate Modern

Wednesday 13 Nov 2019, 19:00 to 20:00

Tate Modern Terrace Shop


Rosanna Mclaughlin discusses her new book with Brian Dillon and Allison Katz

To double-track is to be both: counter-cultural and establishment, rich and poor, a bum with the keys to a country retreat, an exotic addition to the dinner table who still knows how to find their way around the silverware.

In the 1970s Tom Wolfe located the apex of double-tracking as the art world, but today, it's a cornerstone of the middle classes, and a full-blown commonplace of contemporary life.

It curls around the vocal chords of private school alumni as they drop their consonants and sprays the can of legally sanctioned graffiti on the side of the pop-up container shopping mall. It tones the cores of sweaty executives attending weekly parkour classes, prancing about the concrete furniture of housing estates they do not live on.

Comprising essays, fiction and art criticism, Double-Tracking is a merciless, witty satire of the middle classes.

Tickets are £5, redeemable against the price of the book. Buy them here.  

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