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Sinead Morrissey: LCB Festival, Berlin

Friday 26 Jul 2019, 16:30 to 19:00

Am Sandwerder 5


The strip of death that had divided Berlin since 1961 disappeared 30 years ago; Where exactly the inner-city border ran, is now comprehensible only in a few places. In the minds of people and in urban society, however, the division has left its mark. What is the situation in other European cities that have had or need to have experience of being divided, linguistically, religiously, culturally or socially? With guests from Belfast, Mostar, Nicosia and Berlin, we discuss the interplay between the specific spatial structure of these cities and the art that emerges there. Our starting point is the understanding of space not as a container, but as the result of complex and changing human interactions. The aim is to create a platform for the dialogue between literature and urbanism - arts that shape space and shape our perception and communication. In this dialogue we will move at the intersection of concrete empirical and narrated imaginary spaces. We examine the consequences of many years of division and exclusion in parts of the continent and, together with writers, architects, urban planners, historians and performers, take a closer look at different urban constellations. The consequences of inner-city boundaries on collective perception and collective memory are highlighted and the means by which borders are maintained but also circumvented, overcome and dissolved are shown. Event in English.

GUESTS: Belfast: Jan Carson (literature), James O'Leary (architecture), Ciaran Mackel (architecture), Sinead Morrissey (poetry), Glenn Patterson (literature), Michael Pierse (literature) Berlin: Fatma Aydemir (literature), Cynthia Beatt (film), Emily Bereskin (art history), Isabel Fargo Cole (literature), Anh Ling No (architecture), Zafer Senocak (literature) Mostar: Mirko Bozic (literature), Senada Demirovi--Habibija (architecture), Marina Dapic (visual Art), Mili Dukic  (poetry), Arna Mackic (architecture), Senka Maric (literature), Sabina Maslo (visual arts) Nicosia: Meletis Apostolides (architecture), Nora Nadjarian (literature), Zeleia Gregoriou (literature), Lefki Lambrou ( Society), Gurgenc Korkmazel (literature), Hayriye Ruzgar (society), Nese Yasin (literature)
Season ticket: 8 euro / 5 euro. The season ticket entitles you to visit all events of the festival from Thursday to Saturday.

16:30 h - 17 h: Coffee and cake
17 h - 18:30 h: Panel 2: Remembrance. Cities and texts as spaces of remembrance; the forms of, and changes to, collective memory through writing and (re) building
18:30 h - 19:30 h: Dinner
19:30 h - 22 h: Film screenings: Cycling the frame (1988) & The Invisible Frame (2009)

Find out more & book tickets here.

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