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Poem of the Day

In the Shadow of the House

John Redmond

Where there were two houses with two shadows,
there is one house and one house-shadow.

Where the ten-inch hope was transplanted,
a twenty-foot palm-tree splutters and sprawls.

Where a snarl of nettles scrapped with the wind,
our spades rip wetly out of the earth.

Where two wifeless tumbledown brothers
grew slowly to sideburns and madness

as they fished each day from a downstairs window,
(the same glassless window our childhood climbed through)

I look out at the wind in the sweep of the waves
and I watch a seagull repeatedly
bounce backwards in mid-air

and now - can you believe it? -
gravel flung down - after how many years? -
snapping across a longer, darker path,
and our spades pummelling the gravel-pile
to expose the shoulders of some sleeping thought.

Where I move across the winding, new path,
my shadow pulls itself to me.

Where a goosepimpled boy stayed out of the sun,
I pull myself out of the shadow.
Taken from 'New Poetries II'...
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