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Poem of the Day

President Marbles

Matthew Welton

Or the Wednesday morning, or the orange-lime rinds,
or the frog-fish, or the fiver folded lengthways,
or the puffball mushrooms, or the silent house-guests,
or the fractured lightbulb, or the cornflakes with cream.

Or the sturdy, sturdy girl with the folded hands,
or the chicory-cheese, or the short avenues,
or the puddle-mud, or the children with fat wrists,
or the pint of tea, or the large pineapple farm.

Or, in the dusk-brown dip of evening, skanking off
by the perch-ponds, or holing up at the fives-hall.
The shirt-paper. The gimbal-stove. The duff-pastry.
The juniper-juice. Or, alone here in the road,

the goony girl, the gusty girl, the huffy guff.
The gumptious girl. That total gaggle of a girl.
The gummy girl. The gloomy girl. The hickory.
The limb-loose girl with teeth like nuts. That pebblehead.

Or the dead-dozen daisy-pans. The wrap of zap.
The little muff of roll-your-own. Or those crew-necks.
Or the chicken-shit father, the chicken-shit son.
The tree on the square. This woman who wouldn't kiss.

The you-are-here map. The penny-slot telescope.
The sheet-music. The chocolate-box instamatics.
These breakfast-plates. That photograph signed with crayon.
The room with the willow-wood chair. This lightlessness.
Taken from 'New Poetries II'...
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