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Carcanet has always been the place to look for considerations of purely literary and intellectual merit. Its list relies on the vision and the faith and the energy of people who care about books, and values. It is thus as rare as it is invaluable.
Frederic Raphael
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Commotion of the Birds Commotion of the Birds John Ashbery
Pandemonium Pandemonium Thomas McCarthy
The Occupant The Occupant Jane Draycott
Poems Poems Henri Alain-Fournier Tr. Anthony Howell, Anthony Costello and Anita Marsh
The Alexandra Sequence The Alexandra Sequence John Redmond
The Number Poems The Number Poems Matthew Welton
Poem of the Day


Shara McCallum

    Imagine if you could have either cherry or stove,
    but not both; if the sound of rain
    would not answer to its name: tap, tap, pitter pat.
    If one morning you woke and had to say dove,
    not love, and mean it. If this went on
    all through the day and night and into early dawn -
    this calling of the world and all its parts
    a single word: your cat's meow,
    the kumquat freshly washed at the sink,
    the milk bottle in the fridge, swallows
    outside listing on the wind, the grey slant
    of falling rain, a lover's hand grazing your neck.
Taken from 'New Caribbean Poetry'...
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