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Charles Tomlinson

The Vineyard Above the Sea

Charles Tomlinson

Cover Picture of The Vineyard Above the Sea
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ISBN: 978 1 903039 01 4
Imprint: OxfordPoets
Published: November 1999
225 x 140 x 5 mm
64 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • The pause at the turn, however infinitesimal,
    Is there to ensure we do not run ahead
    Of the heartbeat, the knowledge in the blood
    That will not be hurried beyond a present good
    Before it has fed on it.

    from 'Verse'

    The title poem of Charles Tomlinson's new volume describes the vineyards of an area of Italy which has been the subject of many poems since his earliest work. In the Cinque Terre vines are cultivated along the cliffs, within precarious sight of the sea beneath, their wine tasting sharply of its surroundings. In this way they have something in common with poetry itself. These are the poems of a traveller and explore the personal through the sense of place - Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and the West of England.

    'I like something lucid,' writes Tomlinson, 'surrounded by somethingmysterious.' The book includes his moving elegy to another traveller, Bruce Chatwin. Tomlinson's geography is as large as Lawrence's, but his passionate restraint reminds us of Edward Thomas. In his translations he responds to those elements which reveal the distinctive, hardly transferable qualities of vision as it takes shape in languages very different from his own - Russian, French, Spanish.

    Charles Tomlinson, born in 1927, studied at Queens’ College, Cambridge. He has published many books of poetry, and has translated selections from Russian, Spanish and Italian. He is also an artist. He taught at Bristol University, where he was appointed Emeritus Professor of English Poetry. He edited The Oxford Book ... read more
    Awards won by Charles Tomlinson Winner, 2003 New Criterion Poetry Prize (Skywriting)
    Praise for Charles Tomlinson 'Tomlinson's work and his new volume achieve balance, synthesis and wonderful expression. Add to this that he is also very funny, and I trust you have abandoned any reason not to buy the book. Let's be proud of him.'
    David Morley, the Guardian
    'Tomlinson's work and his new volume achieve balance, synthesis and wonderful expression. Add to this that he is also very funny, and I trust you have abandoned any reason not to buy the book. Let's be proud of him.'
    David Morley, the Guardian
    'Tomlinson has an international reputation as a poet and translator. He is also a painter and brings his artist's eye to his poetry, drawing out exact lines, creating luminous imagery that is still touched by a sense of mystery. Please read him...his collection Seeing is Believing is one of my all-time favourites.'
    Sion Hamilton, The Bookseller pick of 2006.
    'He has divided his line according to a new measure learned, perhaps, for a new world. It gives a refreshing rustle or seething to the words which bespeak the entrance of a new life'.
    William Carlos Williams
    'Against the word as spectacle, Tomlinson opposes the concept -- a very English one -- of the world as event...He is fascinated -- with his eyes open: a lucid fascination -- by the universal busyness, the continuous generation and degeneration of things'.
    Octavio Paz
    'Tomlinson insists, and he has a right to insist, that he is as authentic a voice of modern Britain as Larkin is… Only in the great poets is content so intimately married to form'.
    Donald Davie
    'Charles Tomlinson's poems...are crystalline, and ring when you touch them.'
    Times Literary Supplement 
    'Tomlinson's distinctive poetry springs from a patience in looking, and a precision in feeling. Along with Hill, Larkin and Hughes, he has produced one of the four most commanding bodies of work since 1945.'
    The Tablet
    'Tomlinson is a unique voice in contemporary English poetry, and has been a satellite of excellence for the past 50 years.'
    David Morley, The Guardian
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