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Modern Canadian Poets: An Anthology

Poems in English

Edited by Todd Swift and Evan Jones

Modern Canadian Poetry
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ISBN: 978 1 857549 38 6
Categories: 21st Century, Anthologies, Canadian
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Published: November 2010
216 x 135 x 15 mm
220 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • Editors
  • Contents
  • Including poetry by:

    A.M. Klein
    Anne Wilkinson
    Irving Layton
    George Johnston
    Margaret Avison
    David Wevill
    Eric Ormsby
    Norm Sibum
    Marius Kociejowski
    Anne Carson
    Dionne Brand
    George Elliott Clarke
    Steven Heighton
    Cosmopolitan, hybrid and eloquent, modern Canadian poetry is still, for many readers outside Canada, one of the great undiscovered terrains of world literature. Modern Canadian Poets sets out to end that neglect, redefining the connections between Canada and the international poetry world. From poets born in the early years of the twentieth century to those writing in the twenty-first, Modern Canadian Poets explores a lineage of modernist, multilingual, culturally pluralist writers who have engaged with other English- and French-speaking traditions in new ways, to make a literature that is unmistakably Canadian and international.

    The thirty-five poets included represent a wide spectrum of Canadian poetry of the last hundred years in its variety of styles and traditions. Among them are French Canadian poets in translations by anglophone writers, and poets from the First Nations, Caribbean-Canadian and Africadian communities.

    From their vantage point as Canadian poets living outside Canada, Evan Jones and Todd Swift draw a new map of this unique literary landscape.


    W.W.E. ROSS (1894–1966)
    The Diver    
    The Old Song    
    By the River    
    The Vessel    
    The City    

    ALFRED BAILEY (1905–1997)
    The Unreturning     
    The Isosceles Lighthouse    
    The Question, Is It?     
    Border River     
    Miramichi Lightning    
    The Bumpkin and the Bobcat    

    A.M. KLEIN (1909–1972)
    The Rocking Chair    
    Portrait of the Poet as Landscape    
    Lone Bather

    JOHN GLASSCO (1909–1981)
    Quebec Farmhouse    
    Brummell at Calais    
    The Game    
    [A propos de cet enfant]    
    ANNE WILKINSON (1910–1961)
    Little Men Slip into Death    
    Nature Be Damned    
    A Cautionary Tale    
    TV Hockey    

    IRVING LAYTON (1912–2006)
    Berry Picking    
    Keine Lazarovitch 1870-1959    
    Marché Municipale    

    GEORGE JOHNSTON (1913–2004)
    Firefly Evening    
    The Pool    
    War on the Periphery    
    The Bargain Sale    
    Spring Moon    

    DOUGLAS LEPAN (1914–1998)
    The Wounded Prince    
    Coureurs de Bois    

    ANNE HÉBERT (1916–2000)
    The Closed Room    
    Mystery of the Verb    
    Too Tightly Fitted    
    Captive Gods    

    P.K. PAGE (1916–2010)
    Cry Ararat!     
    Planet Earth    
    After Rain    
    Man with One Small Hand

    JOAN MURRAY (1917–1942)
    You Talk of Art    
    Even the Gulls of the Cool Atlantic    
    An Epithalamium    
    Men and Women Have Meaning Only as Man and Woman    

    MARGARET AVISON (1918–2007)
    The Christian’s Year in Miniature    

    DON COLES (b. 1927)
    Photograph in a Stockholm Newspaper for March 13, 1910    
    How We All Swiftly    
    My Son at the Seashore, Age Two    
    Someone Has Stayed in Stockholm    
    On a Caspar David Friedrich Painting Entitled ‘Two Men
        Observing the Moon’    

    RICHARD OUTRAM (1930–2005)
    At the Bijou    
    Creature Becoming Uneasy in Native Element    
    Barbed Wire    
    De Rerum Natura    
    JAY MACPHERSON (b. 1931)
    Ordinary People in the Last Days    
    The Marriage of Earth and Heaven    
    Abominable Snowman    
    The Fisherman    
    The Beauty of Job’s Daughters    

    DAVID WEVILL (b. 1935)
    The Birth of a Shark    
    I Think I Am Becoming Myself    
    A Legend    

    DARYL HINE (b. 1936)
    A Bewilderment at the Entrance of the Fat Boy into Eden
    Patroclus Putting on the Armour of Achilles    
    Total Immersion    
    Summer Afternoon    
    An Adolescent    

    JOHN THOMPSON (1938–1976)
    from Stilt Jack    

    ERIC ORMSBY (b. 1941)
    The Caliph    
    Adages of a Grandmother    
    from Hommage à Robert Melançon    

    ROBERT ALLEN (1946–2006)
    The Newt’s Song
    Alexandria’s Waltz    
    from The Encantadas    

    Essay on Adam     
    Bone Flute Breathing     
    The Beauty of the Weapons     

    ANNE COMPTON (b. 1947)
    What Light Decays    
    Six Sisters    
    How We Care for Trees in Winter    
    We Go Forward    
    What Matters    

    A.F. MORITZ (b. 1947)
    Artisan and Clerk     
    The Helmet    
    Kissinger at the Funeral of Nixon    
    Old Pet    

    NORM SIBUM (b. 1947)

    Dinu Lipatti plays Chopin’s Sonata in B Minor    

    ROBYN SARAH (b. 1949)
    The Unharmed    
    Courtney, Mentioned in Passing, Years After    
    Night Visit    
    Day Visit    

    ANNE CARSON (b. 1950)
    Essay on What I Think About Most    
    Father’s Old Blue Cardigan    
    Funeral Marches    
    Night Confession    

    MARY DALTON (b. 1950)
    Jesus and his Gashes    
    Il Dolce Stil Novo    

    DANIEL DAVID MOSES (b. 1952)
    Grandmother of the Glacier     
    Crow Out Early    
    Story from the Mouths on a Beach    
    An Offering of Frost    
    Complaint of the Strawberry Fieldhand    

    DIONNE BRAND (b. 1953)
    from Thirsty    
    from Inventory    

    ELISE PARTRIDGE (b. 1958)
    In the Barn    
    Rural Route    
    Chemo Side Effects: Memory    
    Chemo Side Effects: Vision    
    First Days Back At Work    
    The River Pilgrim: A Letter    
    Monologue for Selah Bringing Spring to Whylah Falls    
    Lear of Whylah Falls    
    This Given Day    

    STEVEN HEIGHTON (b. 1961)
    The Machine Gunner    
    Address Book     
    Le Vaisseau d’Or    
    In Sparta    
    Selected Monsters

    LISA ROBERTSON (b. 1961)
    How to Judge    
    Battle Cry    
    from The Men    

    DAVID MCGIMPSEY (b. 1962)
    In Memoriam: A.H. Jr.    

    Index of Authors    
    Todd Swift
    Todd Swift was born in Montreal and moved to Britain in 2003. He has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. He has published six collections of poetry, including Seaway: New and Selected Poems (2008) and has edited special sections on Canadian poetry for New American Writin ... read more
    Evan Jones
    Evan Jones was born in Toronto. A dual citizen of Canada and Greece, he has lived in Britain since 2005. He has a PhD in English and Creative Writing from the University of Manchester and has taught at York University in Toronto, and in Britain at the University of Bolton and ... read more
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