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The Invisible Kings

David Morley

The Invisible Kings by David Morley
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ISBN: 978 1 857549 05 8
Categories: 21st Century
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Published: August 2007
216 x 135 mm
96 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • I beg of you believe in the Kings, the blacksmith's tribe, the Boorgoodjides
    made up of the tamar, true twisters of sastra, sras or srastrakani...

                                                         from 'Kings'
    Who are the invisible kings? Why do two bears follow them round Britain? And what happens when a gypsy's curse comes miraculously to life? David Morley's new book reveals extraordinary worlds where the real and imagined converge in stories and charms, just this side of science and magic.

    When David Morley's Romani poems first appeared in the London Review of Books and PN Review, the strangeness of the language and their narrative power convinced readers that here was a genuinely new imaginative world. Partly Romani himself, the poet follows - and remakes - a tradition of weaving stories, from the conflicts in his own culture and that of the Roma. The personal poems that open the collection develop into a traveller's-eye view of England and Europe as stages for war, passion and betrayal. Never before has a writer made such daring and beautiful use of the Romani language as a vehicle for contemporary poetry, nor has a Romani poem achieved the devastating epic scope of 'Kings', the central narrative of the collection.

    The Invisible Kings continues a cycle of poems that began with David Morley's Scientific Papers and which will conclude with An Island Blown Inland.

    'David Morley takes us on a voyage to the other half of his heritage. In a serial masterpiece of macaronic verse, he shows us a life intimate with our own...yet more deeply Other than romantic fairytales or even authentic music from Spain and Eastern Europe had suggested it might be. He holds our world up to a language mostly kept secret up to now...the refraction of the familiar is dizzying yet often moving.' - LES MURRAY

    You Were Broken
    In Cold Dimensions
    Paul Celan: Draft of a Landscape
    Of the Genus Diatomaceae
    Finn of the Wiles
    Smoke, Mirror
    Sèsi o Lety U Písku
    A Rainbow
    Te Avel Angle Tute
    Shookàr Mooklò Chàv
    Songs of Songs
    The Gypsy Kings
    Red-Throated Pipit
    To Feed the Dead Who Would Come Disguised as Birds
    A Boy Casting Snow on Winter Barley
    A Static Ballroom
    Garèzi Gilì
    An Ice Queen
    Nets at Gennesaret
    Sky High Ice
    The Ideal
    European Larch
    Translucent Jiy¯ushiBanners
    Texts to the Inventor ofItalics
    A Printer’s Rose
    Architects of the Frari,Venice
    Croix Pantoum: TenthChristmas for Isaac
    The Waves
    Ludus Coventriae

    David Morley is an ecologist and naturalist by background. His poetry has won fourteen writing awards and prizes, including the Templar Poetry Prize, the Poetry Business Competition, an Arts Council of England Writer’s Award, an Eric Gregory Award, the Raymond Williams Prize and a Hawthornden Fellowship. His previous collection The Invisible ... read more
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