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The Taken-Down God

Selected Poems 1997-2008

Jorie Graham

The Taken-Down God: New Selected Poems by Jorie Graham
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ISBN: 978 1 847771 94 0
Categories: 20th Century, 21st Century, American, Women
Imprint: Carcanet Poetry
Published: May 2013
216 x 135 x 8 mm
144 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
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  • Acclaimed as one of America’s most passionate and intelligent innovators, Jorie Graham writes poems of luminous formal beauty. Here she selects from the five books that preceded her 2012 Forward Prize-winning collection P L A C E, presenting European readers with a coherent and compelling body of work. The book complements her Pulitzer Prize-winning The Dream of the Unified Field (1996), which selected work from her first five books. Jorie Graham’s poems address a planet spinning towards an unknowable future. They challenge us to inhabit a more responsive and responsible place in language and the world. Her poetry is as urgent as it is essential.

    from The Errancy (1997)
    The Guardian Angel of the Little Utopia
    Untitled One
    The Guardian Angel of Self-Knowledge
    The Scanning
    That Greater Than Which Nothing
    Studies in Secrecy
    Le Manteau de Pascal
    Recovered from the Storm
    Of the Ever-Changing Agitation in the Air

    from Swarm (2000)
    from The Reformation Journal (1)
    The Veil
    Underneath (Sibylline)
    Middle Distance
    Prayer (after Hölderlin)
    Underneath (Calypso)
    Two Days
    The Swarm
    from The Reformation Journal (2)
    Underneath (13)

    from Never (2002)
    Dusk Shore Prayer
    Evolution [One’s nakedness is very slow]
    Evolution [How old are you?]

    from Overlord (2005)
    Dawn Day One
    Upon Emergence
    Little Exercise
    Praying (Attempt of May 9 ’03)
    Praying (Attempt of June 14 ’03)
    Spoken from the Hedgerows
    Praying (Attempt of April 19 ’04)

    from Sea Change (2008)
    Sea Change
    Later in Life
    Nearing Dawn
    Day Off
    Root End
    The Violinist at the Window, 1918
    Undated Lullaby
    No Long Way Round

    Awards won by Jorie Graham Commended, 2017 Poetry Book Society Recommendation.
    Winner, 1996 Pulitzer Prize
    (The Dream of the Unified Field)
    Short-listed, 2012 T S Eliot Prize (P L A C E) Short-listed, 2012 Forward Poetry Prize for Best Collection (P L A C E)
    Praise for Jorie Graham 'We should be grateful to Jorie Graham for her own heroics of perception, even if they show up our ordinary insight. If we can't see, with Graham, "the spots where the birds must eventually land", at least we know now where we should be looking.'
    Gwyneth Lewis, Times Literary Supplement.
    'Graham's best book in at least a decade.'
    Publishers Weekly
     'The poems in Jorie Graham's Sea Change might look unapproachable but they are models of clarity and purity.'
    Nicola Smyth, 'Books of the Year', the Independent, 28 December 2008
    'One of the finest poets writing today.'
    John Ashbery
    'She is among the most important poets in North American literature today.'
    Peyton Brien, University of Toronto, 1995
    'Jorie Graham is a poet of staggering intelligence.'
    James Tate
     'There is a buoyancy in Graham's poetry, a freshness of vision which is rare in contemporary poetry.'
    Roger Caldwell, Times Literary Supplement, 27th June 2003
     'After each new book by Graham, I wonder what she will do next. Her courage in remaking her style over the years is exemplary... to read under Graham's powerful impetus is to have one's consciousness, like molten glass, pulled into unforeseen - and sometimes almost unbearable - shapes.'
    Helen Vendler, London Review of Books, 23rd January 2003
      ' of our most highly imaginative and innovative poets. Her speculative and sensual poetry echoes an aesthetic and cultural past but is, truly, like nothing we've seen before.'
    David St. John, The Los Angeles Times, 1996
     'There are erotic poems, elegiac poems, and there are dauntingly difficult, allusive and even impenetrable poems. Throughout there is a powerful, engaging intelligence and an affirming lyric grace.'
    Stephen Matterson on The Errancy, in Poetry Ireland Review, vol. 62
     'Like all good poets, she illuminates moments, but she is like no one else, neither in her rhythms, nor in her insistence on opening up, scrutinizing, and even reversing our experience of time and space within these moments.'
    Stephen Burt, Times Literary Supplement, 17th May 1996
     'Graham shows us a future direction in American poetry, and that future is a welcome place.'
    The Harvard Review
     'A mesmerising American voice; one wants to hear its continuation.'
    Helen Vendler, The New Yorker
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