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Parade's End: Volume I

Some Do Not . . . A Novel

Ford Madox Ford

Edited by Max Saunders

Parade's End Volume I
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ISBN: 978 1 847770 12 7
Series: Parade's End
Categories: 20th Century, War writings
Imprint: Carcanet Fiction
Published: October 2010
216 x 135 x 41 mm
520 pages
Publisher: Carcanet Press
Also available in: eBook (EPUB), eBook (Kindle)
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  • He had stood at the hall door, she looking out at him with a pitiful face. Then from the sofa within the brother had begun to snore; enormous, grotesque sounds... He had turned and walked down the path, she following him. He had exclaimed:

    "It's perhaps too... untidy..."

    She had said:

    "Yes! Yes... Ugly... Too... oh... private!"

    He said, he remembered:

    "But... for ever..."

     She said, in a great hurry:

    "But when you come back... Permanently. And... oh, as if it were in public." ... "I don't know," she had added. "Ought we?... I'd be ready..." She added: "I will be ready for anything you ask."
    Some Do Not..., the first volume of Parade’s End, introduces the central characters: Christopher Tietjens, a brilliant mathematician; his dazzling, unfaithful wife Sylvia; and the young Suffragette Valentine Wannop. It starts with the cataclysmic weekend that throws Tietjens and Valentine together. It ends in 1917 as the two are on the verge of becoming lovers, before Tietjens prepares to return to the Front and probable death.

    Some Do Not . . . is an unforgettable exploration of the tensions of a society facing catastrophe, as the energies of sexuality and power erupt into violence.

    Some Do Not . . . includes: 
    -- the first reliable text, based on the manuscript and first editions
    -- a major critical introduction by Max Saunders, Ford’s acclaimed biographer
    -- an account of the novel’s composition and reception
    -- a reconstruction of Ford’s dramatic original ending, published complete for the first time
    -- annotations explaining historical references, military terms, literary and topical allusions
    -- a full textual apparatus including transcriptions of significant deletions and revisions
    -- a bibliography of further reading

    Cover painting: Paul Nash, The Ypres Salient at Night, 1918, IWM Art 1145. By permission of the Imperial War Museum. Cover design:

    'Ford Madox Ford’s Parade’s End, arguably the most sophisticated British fiction to come out of that war. Carcanet’s reissue of the first volume, Some Do Not (£18.95), is the first reliable text, reconstructing Ford’s dramatic original ending. Brilliantly edited by Max Saunders and now to be filmed (scripted by Tom Stoppard), it deserves to be — and will be — better known.' 
    Alan Judd, Books of the Year 2010, The Spectator. 
    List of Illustrations
    List of Short Titles
    A Note on this Edition of Parade’s End
    A Note on the Text of Some Do Not ...

    Some Do Not... A Novel

    Textual Notes
    Appendix: Reconstruction of the Original Ending
    Select Bibliography

    Max Saunders
    ... read more
    Praise for Ford Madox Ford 'Of the various demands one can make of the novelist, that he show us the way in which a society works, that he show an understanding of the human heart, that he create characters whose reality we believe and for whose fate we care, that he describe things and people so that we feel their physical presence, that he illuminate our moral consciousness, that he make us laugh and cry, that he delight us by his craftsmanship, there is not one, it seems to me, that Ford does not completely satisfy. There are not many English novels which deserve to be called great: Parade's End is one of them.'
    W.H.Auden, 1961 
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