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an admirable concern to keep lines open to writing in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and America.
Seamus Heaney

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Cover of Waiting for the Past Waiting for the Past Les Murray
eBook (PDF) (Available) GBP£ 9.99
Paperback (Available) GBP£ 8.99
eBook (EPUB) (Available) GBP£ 9.99
eBook (Kindle) (Available) GBP£ 9.99
Cover of Wakefulness Wakefulness John Ashbery
Paperback (Available) GBP£ 11.69
Cover of Walking the Animals Walking the Animals Carola Luther
Paperback (Available) GBP£ 8.96
Cover of War Poet War Poet Jon Stallworthy
Paperback (Available) GBP£ 8.96
eBook (EPUB) (Available) GBP£ 9.95
eBook (Kindle) (Available) GBP£ 9.95
eBook (PDF) (Available) GBP£ 9.95
Cover of Was and Is: Collected Poems Was and Is: Collected Poems Neil Powell
Paperback (Available) GBP£ 13.49
eBook (PDF) (Available) GBP£ 11.99
eBook (EPUB) (Available) GBP£ 11.99
eBook (Kindle) (Available) GBP£ 11.99
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